Monday, 23 March 2009

Could his bum be any paler?

I don't claim to understand what Patrick Wolf is aiming for with the video for the first track, "Vulture", from his forthcoming album, The Bachelor.

David Bowie-meets-Goldfrapp-meets-Madonna-meets-gay bondage softcore porn?

Despite the amateur artcore music video, the song itself is quite good and bodes well for the album's eventual release.

Nostalgia *sigh*

Shaun dropped this at Sohomo a couple weeks back and I half expected Tiga to rise through the stage floor. Alas, he didn't and Shaun's unitard was too differently delicious against the three-piece Tiga is rocking on Top Of The Pops, but still.

I love that he sings with a snarl.

I really hope Ciao! isn't lame.

To the uninitiated...

... this is Sohomo.

SOHOMO from Paul Phillips on Vimeo.

Shaun is the guy in the sailor suit. Paul is the one in the pink shirt. The music is hot. The crowd drunk and sweaty. Me? I'm really quite glad I don't feature in the video.

Teenagers DJ set that night. Great night.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The guy on the right is...

... Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander, someone probably better known as the guy cranking out the beats for Familjen (the guy on the left).

Anywho, he not so long ago dropped on the blogosphere a track of his called "Caught In The Riot" and it was really quite good. Quite sparse, almost minimal, but enjoyable all the same. If you're interested, you should feel free to swing by Discobelle for a listen.

Anywho, Discobelle have pulled out another first (but one of many, I assure you) Andreas has just dropped the music video that goes along with "Caught In The Riot" and although nothing especially special, it goes with the song quite nicely.

I wish I could be more witty and lyrical but its been a long day and I face the prospect of another couple long days. That and I really quite like this song but not so much that I feel too much more needs to be said. It's that sweet spot known as contentment.


And so it begins!

What comes before first impressions?

Koi is rather conveniently located so near my place of work that I happen past it many times most days. From what I've seen from the street, they've painted the walls white, hung minimal-if-decorative signature pieces on some of the walls, have upholstered the seats with white vinyl/plether/leather, and have arranged sparse reed-like foliage on parts of the bar / cashier bench.

All in all it seems so very bright and consequentially so unlike what my beloved Copita ever was, nor ever should have been.

I don't know what the food is like because it hasn't opened yet, but my expectations remain fairly low after the calibre of the food that used to be made there. The American and myself will be heading along there soon after it opens to see if it is any good.

Fingers crossed it doesn't disappoint I hope Koi at least serves wagyu.

The Asahi sign on the front awning genuinely worries me.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wholesome and nutritious

Peaches has a new album coming out soon that is as suggestively-titled as her other albums. The album is I Feel Cream and if you'd listened to a couple of the advance tracks currently doing the rounds on the blogosphere, you too would start feeling even a little giddy.

Of the two, the Simian Mobile Disco-produced track "More" is the more attractive of the two.

Maybe it's the fuller sound. Perhaps the signature Peaches drum machine kick beat. Possibly the rhythm that compels you to move ever more wildly. Either way, I really quite like it.

Have a browse of both "More" and the Soulwax-produced "Talk To Me" over at LA Friendly.

You won't regret it.

Of all her songs "Boys Wanna Be Her" remains my favourite Peaches song.

When she performed this at Parklife I was instantly smitten. This is because despite her every-reducing stage wardrobe, her performance was so overwhelming the guy in front of us had to ask me if I was new to her. I didn't know what to say then and seeing this video kinda brings that all back to me now. Nostalgia!

I was kinda out of it a the time, but we needn't get into that right now.

And no, the picture leading this post doesn't do much for me either.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Coming in from the cold?

Too Many Sebastians blogged a day or so back that Whitey was looking to release two albums this year. Now, that would make 2009 an incredible year for music.

It has been godonlyknowshowlong since Whitey came out with his stellar debut album, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train, and just now listening to his more recent track "Individuals" streaming on his myspace, I'm immediately taken back to when dance-punk was all the rage.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of music I was raving about last week. This is exactly the kind of thing 2009 needs to save itself from obsolescence and mediocrity. Ok, maybe that is putting things way out of proportion, but you get me point. New albums from Whitey would totally make my year. Fingers crossed they see the light of day.

Order The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train here from JB Hi-Fi - believe me when I say it is worth every penny.

Time for a change

Their myspace says: "Towards the end of 2006, three friends – Dave Okumu (Jade Fox, Matthew Herbert), Tom Herbert (Jade Fox, Polar Bear) and Leo Taylor (Gramme, Zongamin, Matthew Herbert) – started work on what was initially intended as Dave’s solo project. An exciting, beautiful album gradually emerged and during the process of its creation the three Londoners fused into a fully-fledged trio; The Invisible was born."

What I say is that the self-titled album by The Invisible is well worth hunting down.

I'm not really sure how to describe it. There are no synths. This is in no way electro. This isn't indie rock full of jangly guitars and screechy vocals. This is what their promoters describe as "a unique strain of danceable, multi-layered genre-spanning spacepop imbued with ethereal yet gutsy vocals - something alien but simultaneously completely familiar."

I don't know about that, but you should definitely check out this music video for the album's fourth track, "London Girl".

You can get the Nightmoves remix here on Voules Random, the Cereal remix here on Get Weird Turn Pro, the Dolby Anol Pre and Post-Op remixes here on Ohh! Crapp. The Joe Hot Chip remix is amazing, but I've only been able to find that streaming on their myspace page.

The only place I've been able to find where you can buy the album is here on for the princely sum of UK$7.98+shipping.

I don't know how good a price that is given how exchange rates are completely screwing us over down here in New Zealand, but then I'm not sure what other choices we have with nothing coming up on iTunes or JB Hi-Fi. You might want to hassle your local music store for a copy.


After becoming somewhat besotted with the music video for Deichkind's "Luftbahn" (you can experience my not-so-private shame here), I thought I'd see what the rest of their album Arbeit Nervt was like.

Sadly, none of it sounded even vaguely like "Luftbahn". Instead it sounded like this.

It would seem their rather successful dalliance with pop music was little more than a one night stand.


Something to look forward to: Royksopp, Junior

Norwegian duo Royksopp's third album Junior arguably ranks as an album worth forking out for when released later this week.

It has been three and a half years since The Understanding and it doesn't disappoint. Well, much. Where The Understanding was an evolution from their debut album Melody AM, Junior sits like a comfortable swing back between the two earlier albums. Where Junior lacks the ponderous and weighty elements one found in The Understanding, perhaps that will come with the release of Senior later this year / early next year (one learns to take release announcements as dates to mark in pencil, rather than pen).

Guest vocals feature on this album with Robyn and Fever Ray / The Knife's Karin Deijer helping out here and there. The track that features Robyn's voice, The Girl And The Robot", is perhaps the strongest and most engaging of the 11 tracks on the album.

Electro pop perfection.

For the purists looking for something a little more like what they remember from the earlier albums, I'll point you towards "Happy Up Here", a track that sounds like "Eple" has come of age.

Junior is fun and bouncy and helps lift spirits when you need a pick-me-up.

Pre-order the standard album here from JB Hi-Fi for the princely sum of AU$19.99+shipping. You won't regret it.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Trying new things

I thought I'd give the new U2 album, No Line On The Horizon, a go last night. Sadly, it left me shuffling through the album's tracks, wondering if the album had anything I'd want to listen to. Can't say I did.

I'd describe the album as "inoffensively dull", and please understand that I'm being my kindest there.

Sunday saviours

I don't enjoy working weekends. I don't know many people who do.

I'm working this weekend because this coming week is nightmarishly-abridged so we can sing kumbaya arm-in-arm as we ford rivers and embrace a future of workplace adversity having been overcome. There are many things I don't need right now and three days of team-building is right up there.

The one thing that has been holding back the bitterness today has been Justice's live set recorded for their A Cross The Universe CD/DVD set. It doesn't shatter earth, drop jaws or break ground, but what it does do is maintain an endlessly helpful high tempo through the delivery of songs I've really quite enjoyed in the last few years.

Including LCD Soundsystem's "NY Excuse" in the encore was inspired and Nancy's vocals the very welcome addition to my afternoon. Can't say I'm so fussed on what I assume is the Justice remix of Metallica's "Master Of Puppets", but you take the good with the bad in all things.

I'm not really sure what the cleaner thinks of it, but then she's probably used to electro blaring from my office during all the weekends and late nights we've shared.

If you don't already have it, you can pick up the CD/DVD set from here from JB Hi-Fi.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

What does this mean?

The March Ed Banger Records newsletter says...

Get ready, SebastiAn will play live for the first time ever at Sonar Festival in Barcelona this summer! This festival will also host the Ed Banger "Gazpashow" afternoon, with James Pants, Bullion, Breakbot, Outlines, DSL, and Busy P."

Does this just mean he'll be dropping his own stuff, instead of dropping other people's songs? "Dolami", "Ross Ross Ross" and "Walkman" would be clear highlights of a SebastiAn set.

I just hope he's mustered a fair amount of new material so he doesn't have to rely on the lacklustre "Motor" / "Momy" / "Army". Surely its about time he came out with an album. Surely.

More importantly, just what would be 'live' about a SebastiAn set?

Drunk on... life?

This box was full of wine grapes from my uncle's place up near Gisborne.

This box was full of the most juicy, most delicious and certainly the most sweet grapes the human palate could ever hope to register.

This box was full until moments ago.

I'm not feeling entirely myself right now.

Thanks, diabetes!

What is the world coming to?

Page 9 of the Indulgence supplement to today's issue of The Dominion Post has a number of recipes from well-known Wellington caterer Ruth Pretty.

The picture of a beef, tomato and bacon tart had me intrigued and interested enough to read the recipes she'd included in this week's issue. You'll have to colour me perplexed when I read that one of the recipes described a dish that I didn't think needed description.

To explain, I'll repeat for you the recipe verbatim.


Serves 6

6 x 60g soft bread rolls
30g (3 tbsp) butter (softened)
45ml (3tbsp) Grain Mustard Mayonnaise
85g Emmental cheese (cut into 12 thin slices - for ease use a cheese slicer)
150g ham (carvery sliced)
6 sprig Italian parsley

* Cut rolls on an angle to three-quarters of the way through the roll.
* Butter each cut side of the roll and then spread with mayonnaise.
* Place a slice of cheese on the lowered buttered edge, followed by a folded 25g piece of ham and a second piece of cheese.
* Garnish each roll with a sprig of parsley. Eat immediately or after no more than 30 minutes. Store covered in refrigerator to serve later that day.

Have things really reached a point where people need instructions on making even the most rudimentary things? Have sandwiches become too daunting for the everyperson to contemplate making themselves? Is this why fast food, packet and pre-cooked meals are selling quite well despite the economic recession?

I don't want you to think this makes me angry or anything. It just confuses the fuck out of me is all, and right now I just need answers that make sense to me.

Corned beef confessions

Sweet Etcetera beat me to the punch on Scanwiches, and he's right that "This is exactly the kind of beautifully pointless website that the internet was made for".

The myriad of different sandwich cross-sections shows a habit among Americans to abandon balance and proportion for extremes. Too wet, too dry, too much of one thing, not enough of others. It all seems so very Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Well one example where I'm quite happy for balance and proportion to be abandoned is this delicious morsel above. Corned beef, mustard on rye from Katz Deli.

Corned beef has always held a special place in my heart. Perhaps from the Maori predilection for 'boil up'. Perhaps from an upbringing more carnivorous than had by others. Perhaps because, like brussel sprouts, it has become an underdog food.

Either way, piled high between two slices of sturdy bread, each slice buttered and mustered, corned beef becomes something that wipes away the bad memories with every bite.

I'm sorry but to me, this is the stuff that dreams are made. Really.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Wrong on so many levels

"Luftbahn" by German act Deichkind.

The youtube video isn't so flash, so you might want to download the HQ version here, so you can *coughs* get a better view of how badly they're playing their *coughs* instruments.

This is so obviously a pisstake, but I can't discern any target. Pop music? Boy bands? Shampoo commercials? Cadbury? Body-waxing?

Apparently it is from their 2008 album Arbeit Nervt. Excuse me while I track it down.

Oh and if you can work out what song this sounds like, please let me know. Antz reckons it sounds generic, but I'm not so sure. It actually does sound like a couple of actual songs. I just can't place them.


Monday, 9 March 2009

Reasons why I love my iphone

Following on from the convenience of gmail/facebook/twitter at anytime and the genius that is Touch Physics, comes a game I have Piers to thank for putting me onto: Zen Bound.

Zen Bound is a really simple game that involves spinning wooden shaped blocks in ways that see a yarn thread wrap itself around the object. The purpose of the game is to achieve as much contact between the thread and the block as possible, whilst involving the least length of thread possible.

Sounds kinda stupid, but it isn't. The visuals are sumptuous. The binaural sounds just dreamy on the headphones. The challenges ever more difficult, but never too difficult.

This game has been chewing up more battery power than running both Facebook and Twitterific for long stretches on 3G. Well worth the effort and the expense.

Where to from here?

Albert has already blogged about something that has been gnawing away at me for a fair few months now. I've been meaning to blog about it myself but it hasn't really hit me until today just how much I'm feeling like the old guy in his Seinfeld analogy.

In compiling an email for friends of mine of some of the better tracks I've come across on the blogosphere, I was left seriously struggling to compile around a dozen links of all the tracks I've picked up the last couple weeks. Like, seriously struggled.

What I have noticed is that most of the music coming out these days bears little resemblance to the music that blew me away in 2006/2007 and parts of 2008. The bedroom producers that made bloghouse into something aren't pumping out the unofficial remixes in the quantity or quality that they used to. Similarly, a lot of what is coming out is tending towards the migration into dub, dubstep, minimal, electro pop, the MSTRKRFT-school of overdone bangers, the future retro sound that is "nu disco" or the breezy balearica of the more recent Swedish releases.

I guess where I'm finding myself is here on a laptop, trawling god knows how many blogs lined up on my RSS reader, waiting expectantly for gems to float my way that make me feel the way I did when I first hooked into music blogs. Sure the novelty of all the new music played a large part in my ecstatic ingestion of a lot of that music back then.

I'm all for the evolution of music to satisfy the evolving tastes and needs of listeners. Without that, I'd be left largely unimpressed by a lot of classical music, or potentially much worse. With music seemingly moving away from the kind of music I've enjoyed so very much, two questions come to mind: where will the next big thing emerge for me, and will I know it when I hear it if I'm stuck in 2006/2007/2008?

Sunday, 8 March 2009

What can I say?

Ozymandias is no Jeremy Irons.

This is the best thing about the movie Watchmen


I'm sorry but the film is three hours of pretty but shallow. None of the major plot points were given enough screen time to have really mattered, the slow-normal-slow fight scenes didn't make much sense against the more appealing thriller element to the film, Rorschach was the only character in the film with any character, and maybe it was the digital film but I didn't get much of an impression of an oppressed America or a world on the brink of destruction.

And Antz is right. Ozymandias is a wimpy twink with a wonky nose. I don't know what this says about the film-makers if this is what they find attractive, charming and disarming.

Hat-tip to Bobby for the cartoon.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

One thing leads to another

With the new toy comes new applications, and one in which I have become particularly obsessed is the one that lets me tweet and read the tweets of others on Twitter.

I really don't recommend that you follow me on twitter, but if you really feel you must, then I can be found on

It's all really rather ridiculous, but I have to admit that I quite enjoy the hassle-free experience that is micro-blogging. That said, one should not assume my tweets are any more erudite than my posts here.

Far from it.

Mixed media

Is it selfish to want someone to make me one of these just so I can have it stand on one of these?

This just in

Source: Seeing Stars

Let There Be Night break the bad news about Tim leaving Damn Arms. With Tim leaving Damn Arms, is Damn Arms now just G.L.O.V.E.S.?

Fluro Mag let slip about Melbourne DJs Slap & Dash (aka Scattermish and Mu-gen) headlining Sandwiches the night of Friday the 13th. They've never disappointed when I've seen them in Melbourne. I am however a little worried about the crowd it might attract if it is indeed a Homegrown afterparty.

Busy P blogs about the news that Daft Punk will be scoring TR2N. I'm not sure this is such a good thing given the Sebastien Tellier / Mr Oizo / SebastiAn score for Steak was almost as unlistenable as the effort Massive Attack pulled together for Unleashed / Danny The Dog. Besides, this only gets in the way of Daft Punk completing their next album in a timely manner, to then tour the world so they can once more bring joy and happiness into our otherwise mundane lives.

Aleks over at Discodust blogs two new remixes of "New In Town" by Little Boots. The Fred Falke Vocal remix is just incredible and sounds a lot like this, but Little Boots-y.

Asian Dan follows up the teaser trailer with the music video proper for Sebastien Tellier's "Roche". Sumptuous. And blue. If the dailymotion video doesn't work for you (like it didn't with me), try this one on youtube.

Starlifter.TV has me thinking about my own top 5 songs. What to choose? What to choose? What to choose?

This will have significance in your lives come September, and before you ask, it has nothing to do with this.

Some Bastard and his delightful significant other are in Melbourne right now, and I couldn't be more jealous right now.

Harbour Master looks amazing. Again. We miss her.

Overheard In New York is my new daily online addiction.

Faggotry comes through with some salient patriotism on our esteemed Prime Minister.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It starts with a cat

Gabriel Stebbing (aka "the hot guy in Metronomy") has a sideline indie band called Your Twenties and they've done a music video for their song "Caught Wheel". It starts off quite cute (with the cat), becomes very Metronomy and then ends. That said, the song doesn't sound that much like Metronomy. I think that may be because it isn't as overtly fun and quirky as Metronomy is known, but I do enjoy the song all the same.

Their myspace also has demos of tracks "Billionaires" and "Gold". I'm sensing a theme there.

I hope that made sense.

How many times did I mention Metronomy? Five times.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My new hero

i'm lovin it

I don't remember Ronald looking like this when I was a kid.

Love that accent.

And the hair.

Hat-tip @nedwin

Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm sorry, how much?

Urban garnish


I can see why the city would plant ornamental kale along the median strip that follows the Golden Mile, but curly-leafed parsley out by the Intercontinental?


Things to look forward to : Little Boots

Source: myspace (Copyright Gabriel Green)

I'll probably get into trouble for blogging this, but Little Boots let slip what could be the tracklisting for her forthcoming debut album.

How many tracks do you recognise from either list? I count about six.

Colour me very excited by the release of this album.

Very excited indeed.

Apologies for all the mixed metaphors

I've had a particularly strong affection for Teenagersintokyo for the last few years, affection that could only but grow with the heavily-personalised EP and photos that arrived for my birthday back in 2007.

Well it seems that they'll be performing a farewell gig in a couple weeks in Sydney before heading off to the UK to focus on their first album. I'm really happy to see them move up and up as their self-titled EP just screamed of better things coming their way.

It does however kill me a little bit to know they'll be jetting off before I get a chance to see them live, to see this live...

Although "End It Tonight" is the song that originally had me hooked, it was "Very Vampyr" that impressed me the most. That may or may not have something to do with "End It Tonight" being:

a) on high rotation on my itunes for over two years now.

b) used to sell tampons to active young women.

c) not quite as energetic as "Very Vampyr".

d) all of the above to varying degrees.

If you don't already have their EP, shame on you! You can pick it up here for a song.

While you're at it, Jerry over at Who The Hell has an exclusive remix of "Robocat" by G.L.O.V.E.S. (aka Yama from Damn Arms). I really like the original, but G.L.O.V.E.S. has made it so deliciously filthy you can't help but wallow in it.

Ripe with opportunity

Maybe it was the beer talking at the time, but I've been offered a fair amount of seed capital to start up any business I felt could make some more money, and I wouldn't even have to do the books.


Not sure what I'd do though. I've never really given it much thought. My talents seem to instead lie with helping other people make more money from what they're already doing or could branch into doing, and that doesn't strike me as a particularly lucrative line of work.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Oh no, wait!

Star Trek from Yuri Prado on Vimeo.

I forgot about the new Star Trek film!


Spaceships beat talking robots.

Even on Wednesdays.

Sorry, but its true.

The mystery deepens

Here's the GI Joe TV spot that screened during the Superbowl.

Colour me somewhat less impressed than previously.

Channing Tatum is no American hero, Dennis Quaid has seen better days, Ray Park is a CGI puppet like in all his other films, Marlon Wayans says way too much, oh and I'm well over the whole slo-mo CGI scene. We're talking well over it.

This could very well be what was needed to engender in me more than a passing interest in the new Transformers film.

This came out over a year ago, but...

Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro from Mel Ugly on Vimeo.

... I still can't get enough of it.

"Sound Of Kuduro" from the album Black Diamond by Portugal's Buraka Som Sistema.

It might be a bit bro or ethnic for some, but they just need to build a bridge and get over it. We're talking some ridiculously fun music here, people.

Genuinely gutted I didn't get around to seeing these guys when they were touring across the pond not so long ago.