Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hiatus : forewarned

I have a fair bit to deal with in the real world this coming week or so, and by "a fair bit" I mean a number of things best not discussed here.

Until then, please understand there are mitigating circumstances to my not blogging, emailing, facebooking or myspacing in the coming days.

Naturally, once one is done with said "things", I shall return.

Humaaaaaaan... Robooooooot... Toooooooys...

Medicom released a 2-pack of 100% be@rbrick Daft Punk figures for the Japanese release of their Alive 2007 album and they look great. I should know. This guy got them for me when he last returned to the land of the long white cloud.

Well, Medicom are now looking to release 400% versions of the Daft Punk figures and I can't wait. Release expected for March 09. Colour me very expectant, people.

Very expectant.

Question : Fake Blood vs Black Ghosts

How is it that Fake Blood busts out incredible tracks like "Mars" while The Black Ghosts... well, don't?

I enjoy the mixtape and debut album by The Black Ghosts, but Theo's work as Fake Blood just seems to eclipse all that effort so... well, effortlessly. Listen to tracks like "Mars" and remixes like what he's done with Little Botts' "Stuck On Repeat", The Kills' "Cheap & Cheerful" and Underworld's "Ring Road" and tell me I'm wrong.

Go on.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Points of clarification : Ladyhawke

Source: The Docking Station

Numero uno : 25 October 2008
Travis over at Bigstereo posts the new video for Ladyhawke's My Delirium, and lets it be known that remixes by Fan Death, Toddla T & Ross Orton, Chateau Marmont and JBAG will accompany the single.

Numero dos : 16 October 2008
Sylvain over at DiscoattacK posts the Fan Death remix of Ladyhawke's My Delirium. It's ok. Not exactly something I'd tell the grandkids about, but it's all good.

Decision 08

The dates and lineup for this year's NeverEverLand have finally been announced with Modular topping last year's headliner Daft Punk with quantity over quality. It would have been near impossible to come up with a single act that could possibly come close to last year's religious experience. So, Modular have instead brought out pretty much their entire stable of acts.

The Presets
Hercules & Love Affair
Cut Copy
Whitest Boy Alive
The Bumblebeez
Van She
Tame Impala
The Bang Gang Deejays
The Lost Valentinos
Mission Control
Temper Trap
Andee Van Damage
Bag Raiders

Definite drawcards for me are The Presets, Hercules & Love Affair, Cut Copy, Ladyhawke, Van She, Lost Valentinos and Bag Raiders.

The only acts I don't see on the lineup that I probably expected to see alongside the others are Robyn, The Avalanches, YYYs and whatever is left of Wolfmother.

One thing that does concern me though is whether it is even possible to squeeze this many acts into a single day event at the Sidney Meyer Bowl's one stage. Last year went off like a treat because we had half this many acts running simultaneously on the stage and the DJ pit.

With a general election both here and in the States, Kylie in early December, Christmas when it always is and being all but tapped out in annual leave from work I really don't know if I can go.

I mean I might be able to. I'll just have to sort out how before tickets go on sale on November 7. Maybe sooner to score a presale.

A pinch and a punch

Sohomo are returning for their second club night in our nation's capital. Headlining are Charlie ASH (live) with A.D.A.M., Oscar Nutt and Babes! and locals Neon Sleep, DJ Lotion and Trimasterbate.

Pretty much everyone is going so should be a great night.

Be there or be... well, straight.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I have a confession to make

I am His Whoreness and I am seeing Kylie in Auckland on the 8th of December.

I'm going with the Asian and the Redhead and the Wife will be there too. Hell, I think half of the gay scene in Wellington is going along. Don't ask me how I know that, just understand that I do.

The closest I've come to a concert that even remotely resembled what one might best describe as "spectacle" was Daft Punk, but then I'm not sure that really counts. For one, I'll be doing Kylie clean. I mean, I enjoy her songs and would like to see her live, but the bigger draw for me is going along for a real spectacle of a performance. Something to even out all the poorly-lit club nights I've attended, and shall continue to attend.

I might even see if this guy wants to meet up while I'm in the neighbourhood.

You only have yourself to blame

This arrived in my inbox while I was in Melbourne and its taken me this long to finally blog it. Yes, Jesus is indeed weeping but good things come to those who wait.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest mix from UK-duo La Greve Generale, Tech-Noir. The write-up in the email they sent me says this is the set they'd play at the club The Terminator all but tore to pieces in the first film.

The mix has quite a varied playlist, with the latter half improving on the ground covered in the first half of the mix.

Download it here, or don't. Entirely up to you. Just don't be a sad sack about it is all.

You would only have yourself to blame.


1. Harold Faltermeyer - Opening
2. Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear
3. Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear (Donovan Remix)
4. Georgio Moroder - The Chase
5. Herbie Hancock - Rockit
6. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With
You (The Twelves Remix)
7. Daft Punk - Burnin
8. Xinobi - Day Off
9. DMX Krew - 17 Ways To Break My Heart
10. Madonna - Into The Groove
11. Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Grum New Wave Remix)
12. Depeche Mode - Strangelove
13. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
14. The Clash - Rock The Casbah
15. Cut Copy - Light & Music (Moulinex Remix)
16. Faker - This Heart Attack (Grafton Primary Remix)
17. The Presets - This Boy's In Love (Lifelike Remix)
18. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)
19. Kid Sister - Pro Nails
20. Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
21. We Are Scientists - Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix Edit)
22. Pnau - Embrace ft Ladyhawke (Fred Falke Miami Horror Remix)
23. Fred Falke - Sanctuary
24. White Town - Your Woman
25. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
26. David Bowie & Queen - Under Pressure

This just in

Source: Seeing Stars

I have sad news, people.

Copita went into liquidiation last week.

Situated on Featherston St in the CBD of our nation's capital, Copita easily ranked as one of the places I'd take an out-of-towner to seriously impress them. There aren't many places here that I would rate that highly. Citron. Vivo. Copita. That was always about it.

I'd heard the place had changed hands, but the last few times I was there the food was still as exquisite as always and they seemed more than ably stocked with the achingly delicious Neudorf Pinot Noir. Copita also seemed well-supported by the more discerning denizens of Wellington. Maybe it was all a facade, a lie, a fallacy, a misrepresentation of what was really happening.

All I know is that I shall miss their incredible glazed pork belly, their justly-famous paella balls with smoked paprika aioli, and their wondrous deconstructed smoked chocolate cheesecake.

Where am I to go for dishes so good I'll be left dreaming about them for weeks afterwards?

Salient suggestions may result in an invitation to come along sometime.

Less-than-salient suggestions will result in relentless scorn and rejection of all you have to say. Ever. Again.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Question : desperation

Source: myspace (Copyright Gabriel Green)

Another friend asked me "Who's someone that you're desperate to see live but haven't yet?".

I didn't quite know how to respond at the time as I was somewhat distracted by Parklife and its many pleasures ahead of me. Complicating matters further, my Melbourne sojourns have afforded me the opportunity to see acts I never otherwise would have dreamed of seeing (Daft Punk, Cut Copy, etc.).

The upshot? No-one came to mind as must-see.

That is until now.

The only act I can genuine say I am desperate to see live but haven't is Little Boots.

Her debut track "Stuck On Repeat" is just insanely enjoyable, and the Fake Blood remix just makes it that little bit better. "Meddle" is pretty good and even gets the Designer Drugs touch that makes it truly Flashdance-rific. With touring kicking off, newer material is starting to come out with live renditions of tracks like "Mathematics", "Not Working" and "Magical" appearing on youtube.

From what I've read / seen / heard of her, I'd quite happily traipse across oceans to see her live, such is my desperation to see her live.

I just don't know that I want to rush to see her live just yet. I remember reading reviews of Ladyhawke's earlier gigs and they were less than impressed. Performers probably need to work on their routine a bit before they have it down pat and polished and sorted. That's likely why the reviews of Ladyhawke's later gigs were somewhat closer to ecstatic.

Timing is everything in this game. It just sucks to have to wait.

Little Boots also seems genuinely nerdcore, which we love.

Question : emergence

I was chatting with a friend earlier today and he mentioned Shazam as someone he thought "will be famous" in that way that emerging electro acts often are. This got me thinking who I'd recommend were some emerging acts that I thought "will be famous", and looking beyond the obvious Shazam, the following popped into my head for various reasons...

Melbourne three-piece Outrun have impressed me with four tracks that have been floating around the net the last few months. Like, really impressed me. "Fever" and "Overdrive" are like being in a synth-heavy video game, while the more obviously late 80s-influenced "When The Lights Go Down" is a slow burner.

South Carolina three-piece Culture Prophet are old favourites of SFTWM so you'll have to forgive me for not looking past these guys. I've wanted to see them live for over a year now and although I haven't really kept up the contact since they toured Europe earlier this year, their material still sounds as strong as ever.

I don't know a lot about these two, but Weird Tapes have blown me away with their track "My Babe Walk". Pick it up here and other treats from their blog. I know it probably isn't safe to base a recommendation on one song, but you really have to hear this song. I think I'd head across to Japan just to see these guys perform "My Babe Walk". Mind you, I have done more foolish things in my life.

Finland's Huoratron might be too famous for this list but his track "$$ Troopers" is just too incredible to ignore. Just think how the waves of thick distortion and 8-bit flourishes would go down on a club dancefloor.

I couldn't decide between the likes of Anoraak, College, Maethelvin and The Outrunners so went with their label Valerie instead. Of all the acts I've come across this year, Valerie's stable of artists are the ones that consistently deliver synth-heavy tracks that always grab me. We're talking some of the best throwback synth disco tunes around. Well... I am.

Some other acts that I probably should recommend instead of the five above include:

Bobmo, a solo artist and half of High Powered Boys with Surkin, his tracks "To The Bobmobile" and "Home Alone" have been just excellent and augur well for future releases.

Former KILLDAHYPE-r Donovan seriously impress with tracks like "Yo!" and remixes for Sebastien Tellier and In The Club (Donovan rescued ITC's "Turn You On"). With "Yo!" starting to get some serious love on very-recent playlists, it shouldn't be long before we start to hear yet more of Donovan.

Chicago's Menowah sound kinda like Digitalism-lite but I've loved every song of theirs thats made it onto the blogosphere thus far. I can't say I've heard anything from them for a few months, but with Digitalism seemingly on hiatus from releasing anything new, the ground is more than fertile for Menowah to step up and make some headway.

Louis La Roche has come out well from an initially scandal-tinged advent, sporting a very solid EP in The Peach and old masters of the revival disco sound like Alan Braxe seemingly falling by the wayside, the time seems just right for Louis La Roche to ride the disco wave.

New York's Designer Drugs... well, because.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

It's the same... old song...

This isn't particularly breaking news but news that does see a small part of me break all the same.

Levi Stubbs, lead singer of Motown act The Four Tops passed away late last week.

The Four Tops are perhaps best known for such songs as "Reach Out I'll be There" and "I Can't Help Myself". The Four Tops are also one of a handful of Motown acts I feel I've grown up with.

Before funk arrived to ruin soul, back when Diana Ross was just one of The Supremes, before Aretha could only but scream, soul music was all anyone could ever want. It was polished, it was refined and it delivered more than its fair share of classic songs that still thrill me to this day.

I know I seem all about the electro, and most of the time that is indeed all I listen to and indeed am perfectly happy solely enjoying. However, get me in a kitchen and you'll see me chopping veges to tunes most people my age no longer appreciate. Come upon me when I'm roaming the city on my own and you might just hear Motown spewing out from the earbuds.

Motown means a lot to me. It always has.

It is with the news of Stubbs' passing that the end of that era of music feels genuinely real, and that annoys me. It pains me to think that future generations will struggle to appreciate this music quite like I have for no-one will be left who lived those days when soul music was new, was vital, and meant more than yet another song randomly picked up on an itunes playlist.

I'm not calling for some revival of soul music as it was because that would be the bigger travesty. I'm just mourning Motown in the only way that makes sense for me.

With regret. With anger. With reluctance to see something I hold so dear fall so easily into obsolescence.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I like to call this...

Unfinished Business

The Tree of Unbreathable Aroma

My Thanks to the Australian Taxpayer

Name... that... moose!!!

This is a very welcome if belated birthday present from Mr Chris and I do enjoy him.

I am however lost for a name for said moose. Suggestions thus far have ranged from Jerry to Butch, and from Rambo to Smokey. I can't say I've been particularly fond of any of them.

I was thinking Lester myself, but that name has already gone to my elbow foetus of two weeks ago.

So, what name would you suggest?

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Today is a sad day in the history of man...

... for I have seen quite possible the shittest film ever made, and that's saying something with all the truly shit films I've seen.

All I will say is that The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was so shit it made me more physically ill than the retch-inducing aroma from the otherwise generally-attractive tree a few houses down the road.

The tree really fucking stinks.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Everyone, this is...

Source: flickr

... Reuben.

He's from Ladytron.

He also worked the decks with Mira at Wow earlier this evening.

His song choice was just impeccable.

Highlights include The Knife's Like A Pen, SebastiAn's remix of Daft Punk's Human After All, Vitalic's Bells and the SebastiAn remix of RATM's Killing In The Name Of.

He was awesome.

He really was.

This just in

Source: Seeing Stars

Ladies and gentlemen, dearest readers, your host has just ushered in his 30th year in the most wanton of ways, and not even the gods, the fates, the heavens or even motherfucking daylight savings could get in the way of my having the best time ever.

Ladytron for the second time in as many nights + youngest crowd at the trashiest club in all of Melbourne + way too much gin + blagging our way in for free on the VIP list + stomping the dancefloor in the company of good friends (they feel like family but to call them such here on this blog would only add to your collective confusion) + coming home with wads of cash still in my wallet = BEST. NIGHT. EVER!!!

Talk about aging disgracefully. Long may it continue!

Amen to that, my friends.

Amen, indeed.