Friday, 29 August 2008

Is it me...

... or does this look like the pop lovechild of Fischerspooner and MGMT?

Nick Littlemore's newest side project, ladies and gentlemen. Walking on a Dream by Empire Of The Sun.

So... what do you think?

It's no Teenager? This makes Pete look like the zany influence behind Pnau? You wish you could wear that jacket as well as Nick does?


It seems we're all about the feedback tonight.

Points of clarification: Ladyhawke

Source: The Docking Station

Numero uno : 28 August 2008
Popjustice have come up with a brilliant idea for those of us who really like Ladyhawke, enjoy what we hear and would like to subscribe to her newsletter (if she had one). What they've developed is the Ladyhawke-related time saving device.


Numero dos : 15 August 2008
Glad to see I'm justified to expect good things.

Numero tres : 27 August 2008
Nerdy Frames questions whether Ladyhawke has any nips and suggests we calm down the hype around her.

Firstly, I imagine she does have nipples, although I can't speak from personal experience of the woman. Secondly, good luck with calming down hype on the blogosphere. The online appetite for the next big thing is such that we churn through so very many bright and shining stars, each so very full of promise, in any given year.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Do you watch The L Word?

Source: Leisha Hailey Fan

Yeah... me neither... *coughs awkwardly*

This is American duo Uh Huh Her with 'Not A Love Song' from the album Common Reaction.

I know it sounds incredibly derivative, and the same could be said for many of the other songs on the album, but I'd argue that that only makes the album so enjoyable. Familiarity can be a good thing. Really.

And yes I have noticed that this isn't an electro album by a particularly electro act. No, I haven't lost my senses. No, I haven't suffered a head injury. No, the spirit of Christ does not compel me. I've always had a soft spot for this kind of music. It has just struggled to get much time on the itunes with the daily barrage of new electro tracks and remixes.

Don't quote me on this but... man cannot live on electro alone.

That being the case, what else do you listen to? What do you listen to to escape the monotony of what normally floats your boat? What are your sometimes musical escapes?

Don't you dare say Oasis.

Tonight was brought to you by the letter...

Source: Print Activities

K is for Kylie
The divine Ms K is coming to our fair shores and I know I'm not the only one that finds that tres tres exciting. I just don't know that I want to see her at the Vector Arena or surrounded by fairly disinterested kiwis. I think I'd rather see her across the pond surrounded by amped up Australians. I'd consider heading across with this guy but I don't know that I can manage it. We'll see. It depends how long it takes for tickets sell out for her shows (which is to say minutes).

Assuming I did sort my shit out, I could justify going for the chance to see this one song performed live...

K is for Kraftwerk
News of Kraftwerk coming within a hair's breadth of our fair shores has me really quite excited. They are easily one of the more must-see big stage acts on my list of acts to see (along with Underworld and Vitalic). They'll be across the pond for the Global Gathering in the third week of November. Now, I won't be able to head across and see them because I'll have no leave owing at work and ton of work to plow through post-election, but one can still live in hope of seeing them.

K is for The Kills
No Wow, from the album No Wow, appeared on C4 last weekend and with it came a wave of nostalgia for everything that was great in 2005. I was quite drunk at the time so you'll just have to take it as one of those "you had to be there"-type moments.

K is for Kavinsky
I just love this song and the video is quite snazzy.

It seems someone enjoyed the SebastiAn remix of Kavinsky's Testarossa Autodrive so much that he posted a youtube clip of an electric guitar cover. Random. It seems lost without the synth flourishes of the remix, but the man more than earns bonus points for covering an electro track with an electric guitar. I mean, really.

K is for Kelly
This was the track that seemed to really make Van She and it is easy to see why. And yet with the release of their debut album V, it seems that it was the album treatment of this song that offended the most. I quite like the album version myself, but hey, that's just me.

The guy on keyboards in the cardigan with a bit of rough on his face looks... um... *coughs* nice.

Taking names since 1978

Source: Oldschoolreunion myspace

I really have to buck up my act when it comes to the fine tunes sent to me by very fine people.


Because I end up sitting on excellent tracks like the new remix by UK duo Oldschoolreunion for Swiss duo Chic and the Tramp's DeLorean (zshare).

I don't know if the original track is any good (and I really should find out what it sounds like in its original form) but the remix's Danger-esque rhythms with Kavinsky-esque synth flourishes more than satisfies.

James and Celeste also sent me their three-track EP High Five (EP sampler zshare) in what must have been aaaaaaaaages ago. I haven't held back from blogging it because it sucks, because it doesn't suck. It's actually pretty good, with Street Ninja as the standout track. I guess I just felt the tracks could have done with a little more fleshing out so that each track had a fuller sound. I'm not suggesting they go maximal (or worse, MoS), but they just felt like they needed that little something else to really make them shine.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Patience is a virtue

Source: my inbox

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies, a doco/tour DVD about Belgian electronic music act Soulwax is finally being released here and there in a matter of a few weeks. I got an email a few days back from whoever handles their promo work about picking up my own copy from the ever-reliable JB Hi-Fi by preorder.

I have to say I feel like I've been waiting since forever to see this film. I only hope it doesn't suck.

I'll see them at Parklife in a month and two days time (in both their Soulwax and 2manyDJs guises) but I'm all for seeing the lovely Nancy again (even if it is on my TV).

Seeing as I can just swing by a JB while I'm in Melbourne, I might just get one then instead of preordering a copy and suffering the tyranny of distance that separates our great nations. Mind you, I might just lose patience and just preorder it anyway. Kinda like I did with Ladyhawke's new album (JB preorder + itunes preorder = eek!)

Points of clarification : Ladyhawke

Source: The Docking Station

Numero uno : 21 August 2008
An everso slightly incomplete radio rip of Love Don't Live Here was uploaded by CC over at Ohh! Crapp. It brings back fond memories of a Wednesday night not so long ago. It sounds like good times, like fun times, like your new favourite song.

Numero dos : December 2008
Ladyhawke sent a bulletin to her myspace friends, thanking them for supporting her New Zealand and Australian appearances. She added by mentioning that...

"I'm back in December though and there will be no flu because it'll be summer!!!!"

Another series of antipodean appearances? Can't hardly wait.

Introductions are in order

Source: Kid Robot

I got this wee guy a week or so back from POPUP.

He looks rad.

The design doesn't really make sense (what's with the blue head? And the red-hooded scooter death guy on the back of the head? Don't you just love the ears?), but he has all the little flourishes (that make Tokidoki such a rated designer in the world of vinyl toys.

It's almost as good as his submission for the Series 3 run of 3" dunny figures.

I know I'm meant to be saving for Melbourne, but its just... so... hard.

This is so going to ruin me.

Monday, 25 August 2008

All things must end

Source: Lovely. Dreamy. Chic. Swell. Darling.


The Olympics are over for another four years. Well, the summer Olympics at least. The Winter Olympics can't come soon enough really.

I have to say the closing ceremony was abou as dull as I thought it could have been.

The high point for me however was seeing London Mayor Boris Johnson make an appearance looking scruffy as fuck, especially as he tried to swing the Olympic flag majestically before him, failing miserably in the gesture.

With electro dying a slow death and new rave / nu rave all but extinct, I really hope they revisit their neon hipster branding for London 2012.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Technical difficulties

Source: TTL

For reasons that currently escape my vast intellect and inestimable reasoning, our internet connection keeps fucking out on us at the dumbest times. That's right, just like a motherfucker.

So yes, the posts will be intermittent and wherever possible until this situation is resolved.

Hope you understand.

Some things

This is something I wish I was at right now...

This is something I plan on going to next week...

This is something that makes me wish I lived in Melbourne...

Oh and there are other things too but I'll save those for another time.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

9 out of 10 achingly hot blondes agree that...

... Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Spanish disco duo Baccara is an incredible disco track.

After all, it speaks to that timeless life question : Can you boogie, boogie woogie, all night long?

Well? Can you?

Monday, 18 August 2008

I think I may have found your new favourite film

Source: POPUP newsletter

Bitch Slap looks so patently ridiculous you can't not see it.

Ample cleavage. Big hair. Big guns. Gross stereotypes. Tacky cliches. Samurai swords. Fight scenes. Fiery explosions. Slow motion. Kiwi actors. Kevin Sorbo.

The only thing this film doesn't have is ping pong.

Something to look forward to

Well, there's this...

Oh and these arrived in the mail this morning...

Which reminds me, does anyone want this?

It came free when I pre-ordered this...

UPDATE : ok, the shirt has been claimed by him. Let this be a lesson to you all : there is the quick and there is the dead.

Points of clarification : catchphrases

Source: my chest

Numero uno : ugh!
The badge compels me.

Numero dos : pork swords
I picked this up from the film Juno. It features in a voice-over quite early on in the film, when Juno describes Paulie:

"When I see them all running like that, with their things bouncing around in their shorts, I always picture them naked, even if I don't want to. All I see is pork swords."

You'll see what she means around the 1:38 mark in the trailer below:

Numero tres : I've got the dirty damp
This is a lyric from Gameboy Gamegirl's track Sweaty Wet / Dirty Damp from their Golden Ghetto Sex EP. The song's lyrics, much like the rest of the track on the EP and the band themselves, are patently ridiculous. Maybe thats why I like the line enough to use it as often as I do.

Numero cuatro : is that a euphemism?
I'm not really sure where this one came from but it reached fairly common use around this time last year.

Blame The Bassoonist. I do.

Numero cinco : oot and aboot
Like "moosecock", "root beer" and "recess", "oot and aboot" is a Canadianism that remains ingrained in my very soul. We can also add maple syrup, ice hockey and the ridiculous toque to that list. Why? Because I am Canadian.

I even have the passport to prove it.

A film less ordinary

Source: IMPAG

So, yeah, saw The Dark Knight a week or so back with The American. Quite enjoyed it to be honest. It was bigger, darker, grittier and longer than Batman Begins and it arguably improved on the first installment of this franchise.

I just don't know that it was worth all the hype it has received.

I mean, Heath was good (ok, really good) and sure he stole the film, but then the film focused on The Joker and Harvey Dent to a point where Batman was an almost superfluous story element. I guess I'm saying that I don't know that quantity of screen-time necessarily equates to a higher quality performance.

Like with The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight kicks off without any thought to prologue or scene-setting and the pace keeps running such that you never really catch up with the film and are instead carried along. Which is to say, that annoyed me.

Adding insult to injury they went and just blew up The Tumbler (one of my favourite elements to Batman Begins) and replace it with The Pod. A bike with guns and enormous fuck-off tyres. Ugh. Introducing new vehicles with every installment is something I hoped had died with the previous franchise.

Speaking of franchise, The Dark Knight finished on a note of the man alone, something that certainly harks back to the darker persona from the comic books, but this does raise questions around how further films will develop. Bruce Wayne has all but exorcised his inner demons. The Joker has set the precedent for the costumed villain. Batman has gone from being the hero to the anti-hero. Where could things possibly go? Guest appearance from Superman / random road trip to Metropolis? Enter Robin?

Let's hope not.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Which would you like first?

Source: Airline Route Maps

The good news :
There was an item on the news earlier about how Air New Zealand was dropping it's fares for flights to Australia to compete with pressure from across the Tasman.

The bad news :
The new fares don't kick in until after I've already been there and done that to Melbourne in late September / early October.

Points of clarification : Ladyhawke

Source: The Docking Station

Numero uno : 13 August 2008
Mr Chris, the lovely Kelly and I saw Ladyhawke at SFBH last Wednesday night and she just killed.

At the risk of coming across as an utterly besotted fanboy, she was just incredible. Her performance put the few tracks of hers floating around the net to shame, the songs she hasn't released yet but played on the night are really good, and you've got to love someone that can really belt out a song. An especially nice touch was seeing her just let loose on the stage, only to then shrink back in between songs and amrvel at the gathered throng that came to see her.

Speaking of the throng, I was glad it was packed to the gunnels from the stage to the balcony, but the crowd seemed odd (even included Barry Soper of all people) and sometimes indifferent (the couple in front of us seemed more interested in talking to each other than looking at the stage or getting into Ladyhawke's set. None of this got in the way of my having a great time. It was just weird, is all.

Numero dos : 14 August 2008
The video for Ladyhawke's Dusk Til Dawn came out last Thursday and looks pretty good. The song isn't bad either, although I think the Canyons Remix really draws it out. You can get the Canyons remix from the fine folks over at electrorash here, the Linus Loves remix from the ever-reliable Carles over at histerrunoff here, and the video is included below for your own personal enjoyment.

Numero tres : 12 September 2008
Her album can't come out soon enough.

Have we won a medal yet?

Source: Destination360

Yes, it seems we have.

Five of the little fuckers.


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Is it just me...


... or does anyone else crave pan-seared foie gras, or perhaps herb-crusted veal cutlet, served with mandarin segments, pomegranate and endive?

Yes, no, maybe is all I need to hear from you.

Do-doo doo.

Do-doo doo.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Creatively constipated

I've got about a dozen half-finished posts sitting as drafts, posts that cover everything from Bond girls to The Dark Knight, new additions to the family, as well as more things to look forward to.

So yes, patience... is a virtue.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

If you don't hear from me this weekend...

... this will be why.

This looks like it was fun

The Presets. Byron Bay. Splendour In The Grass.

What a crowd. It was like that when we saw Cut Copy in Melbourne. Everyone was feeling. Everyone was singing along. It didn't matter if the band sang anything because we could have easily drowned them out.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Better than nothing?

Source: Buzz En Direkt

SebastiAn is coming out with a remixes album that will be released around September 10 of this year.

After the release earlier this year of his less than impressive Dog and Motor EPs (notwithstanding the surprisingly good track Momy off the Motor EP), I can't really blame him for coming out with a release that contains many of his stronger remixes. I mean, it is mainly for his remixes that he is so well-known and so highly-rated. His remix of Daft Punk's Human After All still stands as one of my all-time favourite tracks, and you'll see it's included on the tracklisting below:

01. Intro
02. Revl9n - Walking Machines
03. Daft Punk - Human After All
04. Mylo - Paris 400
05. The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
06. Editors - Camera
07. The Rakes - We Dance Together
08. Kelis - Bossy
09. The Kills - Cheap & Cheerful
10. Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive
11. Benjamin Thieves - Texas
12. Das Pop - Fool For Love
13. Bloc Party - I Still Remember
14. Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear
15. Klaxons - Golden Skans
16. Annie - Happy With You
17. Nadiya - Tous Ces Mots

You'll have to colour me quite surprised that his first remix of Uffie's Pop The Glock didn't make it onto the album, as it is arguably one of his stronger remixes. The same goes for his remixes of Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name Of and Cut Copy's Going Nowhere.

The Uffie and RATM remixes have been officially remixed so can hardly be held back for permission problems and the third has been on enough commercial mix CDs to be pretty much in the same boat. They're also a lot better than the Nadiya, Revel9n and Benjamin Thieves remixes. Like so much better.

Ah well. I'll still probably buy it, despite already having most of the tracks. If you fancy a wee taste, you can pick up the track Intro (these are proving a very nice Ed Banger touch to their more recent albums) and The Kills remix here.

Mind you, you should already know and love SebastiAn's work by now.

Oh and one more thing : Do you think Marc Almond minds that Ed Banger Records uses his likeness to sell SebastiAn's releases?

Mathematics in real life

Daft Punk Alive 2007 minus the electro pyramid and the robots and the songs by Daft Punk and you get Underworld live at Love Parade 08.

No... mother... fucking... way!!!

Source: flickr

Guess who's playing at Rhythm & Vines this year?

No, go on, guess.

Ok, I'll tell you. Announced so far are...

The Kooks, Shihad, Digitalism, Carl Cox, Ajax, Antix, Bang! Bang! Eche!, Clap Clap Riot, Cut Off Your Hands, Die Die Die, Disasteradio, House of Shem, Johnny Love, Liam Finn, Little Bushman, Lydia Cole, Dick Magik Johnson, Over the Atlantic, P Money, Recloose LIVE, SJD, So So Modern, The Black Seeds, The Constituents, The Enright House, The Naked and Famous, The Phoenix Foundation, The Ruby Suns, The Secret Knives, Trei, Unity Pacific

As appreciative as I am of R&V veering so far away from it's roots 'roots', most of these acts don't interest me in the least. I don't really want to see P Money, Little Bushman, SJD or the acts I've never heard of before. They don't really do it for me.

What does interest me however is the German electro act that features third on that particular list. Yes, Digitalism.

It looks like I might be heading back to Gisborne for New Years this year. Might be being the operative term. There are of course a few hiccups that could prevent me from going, namely:

1. Modular pull out another Never Ever Land that I simply can't ignore (unlikely, but no more so than me seeing Daft Punk live).

2. Tickets sell out before I sort my shit out to get one.

3. I come to my senses and realise New Years in Gisborne really isn't a good idea (not in the least).

4. I come to realise I'd rather not spend New Years Eve with hordes of oppressively annoying sunburnt teens.

5. It turns out I'd have to go on my own because my friends decide to follow through on more interesting plans elsewhere.

6. Further announcements erode my interest in going.

7. I can't look beyond the $135 pricetag for a ticket.

8. Isi is arrested as a suspected terrorist while in transit to our fair shores.

9. I lose interest.

10. I find something else I'd rather do.

Mind you, it is motherfucking Digitalism.

Do you think I could scam my way in wearing a Van She t-shirt like Isi?

Do you think they'll do side shows while they're in the country?

Will it suck to see them among a crowd that just doesn't get them?

Do I want to see them desperately enough to brave the crap that goes along with being in Gisborne at the height of summer?