Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I'm really sorry but this just popped up on the net as a world exclusive over at the unceasingly reliable Ohh Crapp... and I simply had to share.

This is the video for Dangerseekers by New York's halfway-hirsute Kap10Kurt.

Kap10Kurt has been working on other people's material for quite a while and built himself quite a reputation. I wrote an item on JetPilot not so long ago about a fantastic remix he'd put together on Dave Gahan's Use You.

Dangerseekers snuck out late last year with remixes by TEPR (of the infamous remix of Yelle's A Cause Des Garcons) and Rolf Honey (I'd never heard of the guy before I'd heard the remix - easily the better of the two).

I quite like the song. I really like the video. Together they work really well.

And yes I know this is yet another post built around a youtube clip that some are unable to view, and I am trying to avoid basing posts around youtube clips, but as you can see it is proving rather difficult.

Which reminds me...

While gathering my thoughts on that last post about SebastiAn, I happened upon the Alors Les Filles, On Fete Noel? CD that marked the creative coming together of the best and brightest from Ed Banger Records (Justice, SebastiAn, Uffie, etc.) and Institubes (Surkin, Midnight Juggernauts, Para One, etc.) and my god was that a good album.

It was my entree to Surkin, Bobmo and Das Glow (DG's Vulcanice into Seb's Walkman = musical genius) and I couldn't get enough of it.

I think I recall a similar event happened later on last year but I don't recall much more than a blue poster.

Does anyone know if anything like Alors Les Filles, On Fete Noel? is being planned for this year?

It would be great to see the roster of Ekleroshock Records (Danger, Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Leonard de Leonard, etc.) get into a musical smackdown with another of the 'emerging' labels (to clarify: 'emerging' is used in the sense that they lack the profile of Ed Banger and Institubes).

Shades of VUVUVU?

As much as artists freely offer to bloggers, there remains an element among us that always hungers for more. For some, that leads to trawling live sets for snippets of what might be new material buried amongst increasingly derivative set lists (to clarify: there is nothing with having a derivative set list). This happened with MSTRKRFT's later-revealed new track VUVUVU.

Now it is the turn of Ed Banger's SebastiAn.

This and similar vids are floating around the blogosphere as fuel for talk of SebastiAn's new track "Motor" that may or may not feature on the soon-to-be-released Ed Rec Vol 3. Sure it is indelibly SebastiAn, but then similar murmurs floated around the leaked release of the superior Untitled and H.A.L.

I like it enough, but you have to admit that it lacks the slap and seduction of Ross Ross Ross, Walkman and even Dolami.

Putting my money where my mouth is

$100 on Labour winning the election

$20 on Rodney Hide not winning his seat in Epsom

To clarify:

=> Just because I've put $100 on Labour winning the election does not mean that I want Labour to win, that I support the party or nightly tend to a closet shrine to Helen Clark. Instead, I think polling is a wasted effort this far out from the election, National has yet to show it is ready and capable of governing the country, National showed at the last election that they are more than capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, voter unhappiness with Labour does not in itself mean that they'll transfer their vote to National on the day, and I'm a contrary sort.

=> The $20 against Rodney in Epsom is more a reflection of his much-diminished profile as an MP, his party showing few signs of demonstrable relevance to the voters of New Zealand, and murmurs from some within his electorate that his appearance on Dancing with The Stars has done little to make them proud of their elected representative.

=> I tend to avoid discussing my political views because doing so veers perilously close to talking shop and talking shop on a personal blog isn't the healthiest way to maintain a healthy employment situation. Further complicating matters is that one risks attracting the polemic (and often vitriolic) reader comments that plague the political blogs of commentaors on the left and the right. In short, you shouldn't expect too many more posts like this to appear... well... here.

Monday, 25 February 2008


I have meetings all day today. I have a shitload of work to get through today. I have deadlines I have to meet. I don't know that I can handle all that in the few hours I have left before it all starts to intrude with the onset of the working week.

I should be panicking. I should be switching everything off and tucking myself up in bed. I should be doing anything but what I'm doing right now.

It is just turning four in the morning and I've just finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I don't really know how long I've been reading, how many pages I've worked my way through this evening, or why I'm almost waking up to it being four in the morning.

I want to say grand and worthy things about this book but that would put you off attempting this book. I want to give you the copy I have so you can read it and make of it what you will, but it isn't mine to give.

All I really know right now is that I've just read a great book. A great book that in the tradition of all great books wended its way from one set of appreciative hands to another before finding itself in mine.


I just had to say it.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Cause for anticipation

Modular Records announced late last week that Pip Brown aka Ladyhawke had joined their roster of artists, and that Back Of The Van would be released soon as a single.

That rather made my week.

Ladyhawke's previous appearances on SFTWM comprise this and this, both of which were originally written for JetPilot.

I'm not sure anything more need be said.

I know that youtube is the preserve of the lazy blogger, but...

Manchester's The Whip have finally released a video for their almost trademark song Trash in anticipation of the release of their debut album X Marks The Destruction.

I don't quite understand what the deal is with the gorilla armies wreaking fluro mayhem in the background, but it is quite difficult to look past the hot drummer and the moody dude on keyboards.

Trash seems to have gone through some remastering because it sounds slightly bigger and more fulsome than the version that made it onto Kitsune Maison Compilation 3 (a really quite good compilation and my first exposure to The Whip).

Anywho, enjoy. I know I have a number of times this weekend. It's a really good song. Certainly makes a nice distraction from the sample-heavy fare that I normally listen.


Well I managed to make it to POPUP's trading party last Friday night and the event didn't disappoint. I was quite tanked already on free bubbles and canapes by the time I got there but that didn't get in the way of soon finding myself intoxicated by the smell of fresh vinyl goodness.

The theme for the night was show-and-tell with everyone there seeming to take a very keen interest in every one of the dunnies that emerged from my case of 25. I'm not used to an audience when opening my dunnies so found myself becoming extremely self-conscious after sniffing the fourth or fifth box I opened.

Apparently a group of dunny lovers had come down from Auckland for the party because the French series weren't being sold up there. Nice to know there are people in this country more into dunnies than I am, however few they may be. It was great to see them down here though.

Fingers crossed we can have more of these kinds of events in Wellington.

And now to the toys...

From the ones I've seen so far, the French series is a wonderful return to form for Kid Robot. Series 4 was a minor disappointment in the range of designs and the quality of the paintwork, and Azteca had some outstanding designs but suffered from an element of mediocrity in the designwork across the whole series. The French series suffers from none of those flaws. We're talking tight paintwork, some strong and interesting designs and enough of them in the series to warrant collecting most of them.

The ones I've picked up so far include...

Everyone this is DER's contri, it is quite the stereotypically French design but then the series needed at least one. I guess this is it.

Everyone this is Genevieve Gauckler's contri, quite random use of words and image but it fits with similar designs by So Me that feature quite heavily in Paris' electro scene (think: Ed Banger Records)

Everyone this is Koa's surprisingly effective contri. His contri for Series 4 left a lot to be desired and the same could have been said for this one, but the design seems to REALLY work on the see-through plastic dunny. Weird, but it works.

Everyone this is Koralie's contribution and my good does it look hot. The bows, the colouring, the detailing on the figure. This is a clear stand-out piece in the series.

Everyone this is the contri from Oktus, a very strong design that would look creepy if not for its almost Victorian (I don't know the French equivalent of the Victorian aesthetic) flourishes. I really like it.

Everyone this is the contri from street artist Mist. Mist featured in Series 4 with a strong design and this looks to be more of the same albeit with a less interesting colour scheme.

Everyone this is the contri from SecretLab. This is quite a simple design that seems to work, although I don't know that it would leave many of us rapaciously hunting down as many spares as we could get. The silver cock and balls on the crotch was a nice touch.

Everyone this is the effort from Nasty. It's quite cute and nicely-detailed but again I don't know that I'd be hunting down too many spares of this design.

Next up is the contri from Skwak. It looks odd but the old school children's book aesthetic works quite well, with the back of the head revealing a sea monster. I'd love to know if this is from seminal french children's book / story / fairy tale.

Street artist Tilt has given us this cute contri. Again, I don't know that I'd be chasing this down as spares except to build up a stock of blinds to customise.

Tizieu brings us this delightfully kitschy contri. Dude come in two colourways: white and black, each with afro comb, a 40 and stereo. Nice.

123Klan bring us a kidsy contri that brought out almost as many gasps as the Koralie. It's a good design and the flag is a nice touch. Interestingly, accessories haven't featured so heavily here as they have in Series 4 or Series 3.

Everyone this is the contri from Superdeux. Another fairly kidsy design, it is almost the signature piece of the series and it is easy to see why.

I wasn't expecting a lot from this contri courtesy of TRBdsgn and unfortunately it didn't really exceed expectations. The colour scheme is a little bland and the design a bit meh as a silhouette of the European continent spreads from its back to become palm leaves on the front. I really don't know what that white thing is on the front.

Oh and I also have this guy.
I think it was done by Supakitch. Gorgeous. The detailing for the feathering on the head is... well... I want to say 'exquisite' but that would overplay the intricacy of the design.

Comment on this post or send me an email if you'd be keen to trade.

I've picked up a few spares and will no doubt pick up more as I add to my collection from the French series. I don't really do cash, opting more for a toys-for-toys type arrangement.

I'm not a completist, tending more towards building up the number of designs I quite like. I'd be keen to get more of the Oktus and Superdeux figures as they would look especially impressive en masse. The Koralie is the standout but I don't see too many people parting with any that they pick up blind.

I've just picked up this guy and a number of spares.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall

Me wondering just which song will be the next official release from their not-released-soon-enough second album Apocalypso.

Maybe it'll be for this...

Props to Modular for the behind-the-scenes photos, and Disc. Go. Is. Um... for the live footage.

I woke up this morning to something sweaty sitting in my inbox

German DJ JIZZO had sent me a mix he'd put together a few weeks back and although I didn't have time to download it before rushing off to work this morning, I did manage to run my eye over the tracklisting.

Not bad.

I'm glad Culture Prophet is starting to garner some mixtape love, and the others are all reliable tracks that feature quite heavily in my high rotation playlists (as they should in yours, especially the Moulinex treatment on Xinobi's BMX).

The mix itself isn't bad either. The transitions could perhaps have been a little smoother and it might have helped to have laid an underlying rhythm to the mix to help really hold it all together, but none of that gets in the way of what is still a really enjoyable mix.

Grab SWEAT - Mixed by JIZZO here, and while it's downloading have a gander at the tracklisting below.


Bag Raiders - Nil by Mouth (Reprise)
Digikid 84 - B.Boy Underground
Digikid 84 - B.Boy Underground (Culture Prophet Remix)
Lost Valentinos - Night Moves (Knife Machine Remix)
John Burke - What is Love (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots - Ill To Destroy
Bonde Do Role - Marina Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix)
Hot Pink Delorean - Played Out (feat. Fantastadon)
Pomomofo - Back At The Club (Boy 8 Bit Remix) + Crank Dat (Acapella)
Xinobi - BMX (Moulinex Remix)
Dragonette - Competition (Ocelot Remix)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Weird Science (Scratch Interlude)
Apache Beat - Tropics (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix)
The Whip - Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix)
Like Woah - Oh I Like (Knightlife Remix)
Spitzer - Avida Dollars
Go Go Charlton - Your Son (Don Rimini Remix)
Digitalism - Idealistic (Culture Prophet Remix)
Carnifull Trio - Song for Guido (Crookers Crunk Remix)

Lights and music

I'd like to write something really quite pithy and salient here, but the reality is that the only reason I'm posting this is to show you how wondrous a light show really can be when used in support of a live musical performance.

If Daft Punk used lasers like these in their Alive 2007 set, I'd be reading braille instead of just talking braille.

Klaxons' Golden Skans is buried under Rihanna's Umbrella but that's ok.

Just look at the pretty lights.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Where are your friends tonight?

I've been listening to a fair bit of LCD Soundsystem in the hopes they'd be able to tame the beast within, alas to no avail. Ah well. There are worse things than to rock your socks to songs like Someone Great and Get Innocuous... and Sound Of Silver... and All My Friends... and well the other songs on the album.

Fuck! I really should have gone to BDO and seen them live while everyone else fucked off to waste their time with Rage Against The Machine. This happened to them at some big uber-concert last year when James Murphy had to stop midway through a set to tell everyone to head on over to where sat Daft Punk's dark and ominous pyramid.

I've worked up a new mix for madame and it has been built around a wee track that erupted across the blogosphere a few days back now.

The song is Stuck On Repeat and the artist is Little Boots. I seriously love it.

Well, Little Boots posted a myspace bulletin a few days ago with a youtube video of what she describes as the Acoustic Pyjamas Version. Now it does lack the hypnotic electro rhythm of the mastered version, but it still succeeds.

I really quite like it and if we're both being honest, that is all that really matters.

Hat-tip to Aleks over at Disco Dust for tracking down a 320kbps version of Stuck On Repeat. Well, and for everything else he's brought to light through the interpretive medium of blogging. Dude has some serious connections for all the exclusives he drops on the great unwashed.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Need some time to myself

I should be fine.

I should be back soon.

I should be.

Sunday, 17 February 2008


With the imminent release of Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight, it seems producers are rinsing and repeating what has already been done with the Matrix trilogy and the Pitch Black / Chronicles of Riddick: an anime insert.

Batman: Gotham Knight is meant to "bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight". Like The Animatrix, it will comprise six short films each helmed by different directors. Like Dark Fury, it will be straight-to-DVD no doubt so as not to interfere with the already-troubled release of The Dark Knight.

Some of the footage looks a bit Vampire Hunter D (Vampire Hunter D, like the Ninja Scroll series and OMVs, represents a style of anime that strikes me as a very small step above the kidsy anime that I absolutely despise) for my tastes. On the bright side there were some snippets that looked like they'd been put together by the creators of the haunted house short in The Animatrix.

Anime finds itself at the awkward point where the cyberpunk of Ghost In The Shell and Akira is being pushed aside to make room for increasingly-European fantastical epics from Studio Ghibli or the seriously abstract mindfuckery of Satoshi Kon et al.

With the popularity of Batman Begins among the more male among us, I can see this bringing anime to a lot of people who wouldn't normally make the effort and I just think it is important that anime is kept from becoming the exclusive domain of the esoterically-minded and family-oriented.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Myspace has a lot to answer for

For giving far too much credit to acts like the atrocious Arctic Monkeys and diabolical Sandi Thom. For dragging us along one profile to the next only to find ourselves somewhere quite unrecognisable from where we started. For the terrible layout and enabling so many myspacers to throw together profiles so garish that soldiers are actually turning in their graves from the fruit born of their brave sacrifice.

On the upside, myspace means I can more easily keep an eye on a lot of the acts that really float my boat and come to find out more about the acts I'd like to get to know better. Myspace also sees the occasional treasure pop up and one that has smiling from ear to ear is Cheb AstiAn's Marakech Edit of Kavinsky's seminal Testarossa Autodrive.

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (Cheb AstiAn's Marakech Edit) ripped from his myspace.

It brings up memories of Damascus and Aleppo and Istanbul, of plump belly-dancing women, of shisha pipes and weird little men in suits, of large hairy men in music videos seen warbling along the rippling edge of some anonymous waterway, of music blaring on tinny stereos and so distorted from being the fourth copy of a copy of a tape someone had 18 years ago.

Suffice to say I love it.

As a basis for comparison, here is SebastiAn's remix of Kavinsky's Testarossa Autodrive...

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix) from his EP 1986 [ buy ]

... and Kavinsky's unadulerated original in all its glory.

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive from his EP Teddy Boy [ buy ]

Now I know the Cheb AstiAn sounds almost unrecognisable to the SebastiAn and the original but give it a couple listens and you'll feel it nestled behind the thick plumes of shisha smoke that suddenly fill the room.

I wonder if it will be anything like Terry and the Gunrunners

“A renowned detective and expert mariner stands amongst the pohutukawa laden foothills of Kororareka, “The Hellhole of the Pacific.” So begins a desperate race to catch her quarry - the Scrimshaw Thief!”

SFTWM-favourite Good As Gold are playing host to an artistic endeavour reminiscent of the Catholic Church appealling to the illiterate masses during the Reformation. The five-page comic story will unfold in their window over five days from next Monday.

Launch shenanigans apparently being from 7:30 tomorrow at Good as Gold, and they're asking that we please come down.

I might just have to, and you really should too.

Not Safe For Work

Joel has posted a dodgy mix of the NSFW variety up on JetPilot in honour of today being Valentine's Day.

The man himself has written that:

I'm not in a romantic frame of mind right now, so I wasn’t in any position to put together a lovey dovey mix. Instead here’s a dirty lusty mix, full of explicit lyrics and vocals, and bouncing beats.

I shudder to think what that says about the frame of mind he's in today.

Joel has done well with a mix that mingles the fondly familiar with the not-so-familiar. It is a shame though that Armand Van Helden's Entra Mi Casa (aka "the porn song") doesn't feature. The audible if seductive "run your tongue up and down my ass" among other similarly tasteful lyrics would have made a wholly appropriate addition.

1. Lovage - To catch a thief
2. Jose Nunez - Bilingual
3. Infusion - Do to you (in ‘82)
4. Liquid People - Open up ur heart
5. DJ Morgan - Nymphomaniac Girl
6. Space Cowboy - My Egyptian Lover (Ben Maklin remix)
7. SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross (Iggybaby’s Fuck Me Harder edit)
8. Newmachineaddict - Sex Up My Brain (Designer Drugs remix)
9. Depeche Mode - Satisfaction vs. Master and Servant
10. John Creamer & Prince Quick Mix - Fuck Sonnet
11. Starkillers - Scream
12. D. Ramirez - Pleasure Me (original mix)
13. Deadmau5 and Mellefresh - Hey Baby
14. Madrid Beats - Fireworks

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Daft Punk support Kanye at the Grammy's in an unlit pyramid that looks so much smaller than their normal one, are hidden for most of the song, and seem completely under-utilised for an act that totally made 2007 and are the sole reason Kanye is on the stage performing Stronger.

On the upside, the illuminated jumpsuits look hot, we're able to look inside the pyramid while they're doing their thing, and... well... they're Daft Punk.

'nuff said, n'est-ce pas? Or is it? I would have been more impressed if they'd just gone it alone but I can see how that might not translate well to a TV audience, especially an American TV audience.

Hat-tip to Greg over at Panda Toes for the heads-up, his views and his love of Kylie (we love Kylie too, we're just not so open about it).

Tragedy of tragedies

A prior booking on my social calendar means that I am unable to attend the first dunny trading party to grace our nation's capital. NOOOOOOO!!! I've had POPUP on about the timing and he's all "What? You have to come along. Why not?"

The trading party coincides with the launch of the new series of dunnies (the French series), with those RSVPing before 20 Feb going into the draw to win a case of the wee vinyl lovelies.

How are hot are they? This hot.

I'm loving the bro up the front with the afro comb instead of a dunny ear.

Could this prove to be my next vinyl obsession? Given I have about a hundred of them already, I believe it would be safe to say "yes, yes it is".

If you have dunnies of your own, you should go, even if you only have a few. You never know, you might win a case of dunnies put together by some of the best designers in all of France. Well, assuming you're on POPUP's newsletter mailing list, otherwise you're probably shit out of luck.

Either way, you may as well buy some Cactus Pups while you're there. I know I would.


Addiction is a disease

I've read the Guardian article about how Facebook is evil and exploitative and an employment risk to young people revealing too much of their personal lives, I've heard the surprise expressed by the father of the young woman in Dunedin who was murdered before she could take up a new job with Treasury here in Wellington, and I remember 3News making a big deal of what was on drug-accused Millie Holmes' Facebook page.

I despise the ever-growing plethora of pointless applications, I have no interest in battling pirates / ninja / cowboys / snowboarders, and I don't need people rating how hot or dateworthy my friends are.

I don't care to be honest.

All I really seem to care about is how swiftly my opponent plays their turn on Scrabulous.

The waiting... it kills me!

I don't know if it is the anxiety of not knowing what they'll play, or the inability to strategically map out your response until they actually do something. I really don't. Maybe it's both. Maybe I'm just really impatient. Who knows.

What I do know is that my name is Jake and I am addicted to Scrabulous.

I have two active games on the go, so please let me enjoy it for at least another week before bullying me into removing it from my Facebook page.

gay people flock to Bebo while straight people flock to Facebook - discuss.

I think this is for you


Go to this.

No, really. Go to this.

This is the first time French DJ extraordinaire, and wearer of the mask, Danger has come 'down under' (fuck I hate that term) and he's already killed it in Sydney.

This is his only Melbourne appearance before he heads back to Sydney the following day and then back to his Gallic homeland (one hopes so that he might complete his long-awaited second EP and full length-album).

I can't and won't say this is your only chance to see him (because I harbour the hope of hopes that he might come back when I'm better sorted to be there to see him), but you really shouldn't miss this opportunity.


Do me proud through the interpretive media of random txt, drunken phone call, shaky video footage from your cellphone camera and rambling descriptive emails the following day.

Just like a bought one


A) comes courtesy of our Asian correspondent.

B) leaves us with a confused sense of purpose (Do I open beer bottles or do I announce dinner is ready? I can't possibly do both!)

C) highlights innovative shifts in souvenir design to truly tacky dimensions (it is multipurpose and the middle bit swivels around to reveal... another relief of Australia).

D) is just wrong.

E) All of the above.


Colour me impulsive but Air New Zealand had a deal on flights to Australia and I thought "why not!", so it seems I am now the proud owner of return flights to Melbourne for the second week of May. It seemed worth the effort to get flights for about half of what it would normally cost me. Say it with me people, score!

And yet, 85 days seems so far away.

Let the countdown begin! I wonder if South gin is still on sale at dutyfree...

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Did you know about this?

I only found out this was happening the day after it actually happened. Wellington needs a better way of promoting gigs and events like this. I love that this city inspires one electro night after another, but we really need to be smarter about this if we're going to grow the electro scene here.

Too often an electro night has fallen by the wayside as the main instigator either heads overseas on their OE (so inconsiderate!) or the marketing of the events attracts the wrong sort of people.

If I had the talent and patience and creativity to be a DJ, I'd properly organise a decent electro club night that might last longer than the standard few months. I don't, so won't, but someone really should.

Listening to electro on the ipod or stereo is ok, but to really feel it you need to hear it really loud on a dancefloor or club or concert surrounded by other people who love it. The two settings just don't compare. Daft Punk's Alive 2007 album is brilliant (it really is, and if you don't have it I'll buy it for you and stand over you until you listen to it all the way through, mmmkay?), but it won't leave you quietly weeping with joy or deliriously ecstatic if you don't see them live or at least find yourself lost in a writhing throng on a dancefloor somewhere.

With so many international acts avoiding Wellington for Auckland and Christchurch, I would have thought electro and Wellington to be an almost perfect fit. We've got a number of smaller-scale venues better suited to live electro acts, we lack the sheer number of wankers that bespoil the City of Sails, we don't suffer the white upper middle class banality of the Garden City, and I would have thought this a niche the cultural capital of New Zealand could capitalise on quite nicely.

If there is something that New Zealand does well, it is the formation and occupation of niches.

Food for thought, n'est-ce pas?

Cicada serenade

This would be why I smell like an ashtray right now. I don't quite understand why the pack opens from the side, because it makes it damn difficult to get to the cigarettes inside.

A) Modern engineering gone awry?

B) The insidious creep of anti-smoking regulation?

C) Dumb idea by the marketing people at British American Tobacco?

D) All of the above?

Remind me

This just came on C4 and I was reminded of two good friends heading off to see Interpol in Auckland next week. Well one arrived yesterday and the other is yet to leave, and they don't know each other, but I'm still bummed not to be joining them.

Interpol were shit hot when they played Wellington back in '05. Damn shit hot. I could barely walk at the end of their set, let alone climb those damnable stairs at the Vic Uni Student Union building.

Dude is actually singing

I am a man of many guilty pleasures. Macaroni cheese from a box (same brand as the 3-minute kind but not the 3-minute kind) is perhaps the safest of those I can safely reveal on here.

Another is Snoop D.O.double G's song Sensual Seduction. It has been doing the rounds for a few months now, with the song and subsequent 70s-inspired music video garnering a fair amount of praise, and it is easy to see why.

Sure there is a novelty to hear Snoop actually singing (which is nothing spectacular mind you), sure the song taps into a musical vein that is uber-popular right now (comparisons with Chromeo have been unavoidable), and sure the video is a thing of dated 70s TV beauty.

But once you listen to it half a dozen times and the novelty has worn away (as it always does), you'll find the song is still really quite good, and that my friends is no mean feat.

One thing that does have me perplexed is why he released Sensual Seduction the same time as its evil twin Sexual Eruption. The only difference I could pick up was "sensual seduction" had been replaced in the chorus with "sexual eruption". Makes no sense to me, but then I guess that wasn't high on Snoop's list of priorities.

Sensual Seduction / Sexual Eruption has since been getting the remix love with the resultant efforts being fairly hit-and-miss (as is usually the case with remixes). One particular remix that has been enjoying more love than others of late is the Fyre Department Remix featuring vocals by none other than Swedish indie pop poster girl Robyn.

It doesn't leave me immediately moving onto the next song but I can't shake this feeling that it comes across as a badly-managed mash-up. The Robyn vocals have been poorly mixed and added into the song in a way that seems really quite chopped up and too distinct from the rest of the song to really work anywhere near as well as it should.

Holy shit!!!

This "WHAT THE FUCK???" moment was brought to us by Playboy, Daft Punk and something ominously-titled Rock the Rabbit.

Colour me disappointed more than anything else. I mean honestly, these look hot and uber-collectible for a merchandise collaboration. This shirt just doesn't cut it. Lame. Lame. L-A-M-E. Lame.

What do you think?

Hat-tip to the ever-reliable Asian Dan for the heads-up.

1 + 1 = 3

An original Dr Destruction from Muttpop. Removable cape, articulated head, exquisite detailing, solid construction.

Classico edition of Muttpop's Red Demon (he's the guy on the right). Impeccable balancing, eyewateringly good detailing with the draping of the clothes, something I've been waiting a long time to add to finally own.

The adorably illuminated Seamour from Crazy Label, the same company that produced the gloriously-tactile Treeson but from the imagination of a different designer.

The even more adorable Cactus Pup blind boxes from Italian designer Tokidoki. Only an inch tall, but they're very well-made, the paint scheme near-flawless and they look so god damn hot.

The fantastically constructible Vivisect Playset where each figure is designed by some of the best designers out there. My favourite is Scurvy Neil (the rabbit x shark x octopus one) by Craola.

The combo series of pets and their owners as imagined by Pete Fowler and a very welcome return to his Monsterism Island series.

A very healthy collection and a very happy collector.

I have seen the future and it looks goooooooooooooooood, so wait 'til you see what I'll be bringing home in the next few months.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Maths made fun

Sebastien Grainger, once half of the now-much-lamented Canadian band Death From Above 1979, but now going solo with support from The Mountains.

Things one might use to bake... other things.

Sebastien vlogging his recipe for chocolate bread.

I love that despite how amateurish the filming is (with much of what he says to the camera drowned out by the soundtrack) he obviously knows what he's doing in the kitchen and whips up something I'm quite tempted to attempt myself.

It seems he likes to cook as much as he likes to write and perform music, hence his food blog eat my dish.

I don't know that I'd be too keen to try his butternut squash and baby clam pasta sauce but his more recent leftover elaboration has more than piqued my interest.