Friday, 28 December 2007

Revenge of the sequel

Muttpop's El Panda was the vinyl toy figure that started me off almost 18 months ago now, and I haven't looked back since. Well, Muttpop have their own blog that showcases their production line, as well as provides a home for their views on most things pop cultural.

Well as we head into 2008, two of their posts that have stuck with me in the last week or so covers sequels for two films that fared differently this year. The originals fared differently. The sequels will come out in 2008.

Moving on...

Muttpop Bob draws comparisons between Batman Begins-sequel Dark Knight and Takashi Miike's Ichi The Killer. I can't say I'd made the link myself but it's a good'un. You should know that the Ichi clip that MB has posted is a bit of a stomach-churner. Well it was for me at least. Yes I am a precious petal. What of it? Eh? Eh? Eh? Thought so.

The second sequel to get the Muttpop treatment is Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army. I hated the first film. As an avowed fan of Mike Mignola's comics, the first film was an enormous let-down. I don't know that I like the trailer for The Golden Army that much but I'll still end up seeing it on the big screen. Well... maybe. We'll see on that one.

Shall we dance?

Sorry to drop another mix on the blog but I've been listening to this for most of the last few days and it has left me lying contentedly on the floor with the biggest grin on my face. That may not be much of an endorsement of a dance/electro mix, but it's hot and I'm on holiday.

Sydney-based group Bang Gang Deejays released their Grey Disc in advance of their appearance at the myriad of Never Ever Land events across Australia in recent weeks. The follow-up to their debut double-CD (Black and White Discs respectively) effort Light Sound Dance, the Grey Disc showcases their slick transitions perfectly. The tracklisting is fairly derivative for anyone into electro, but the way they weave them all together is what makes this a great listen.

I'm with DiscGoIsUm in thinking that this mix is better than the other two.

So head on over to the Bang Gang Podcast and download their Grey Disc here.


1.The Eternals – Wrath of Zeus
2.Dj Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit)
3.Yuksek – Break Ya
4.Sinden – Beeper
5.Bobmo – Home Alone
6.Mr. Oizo – Patrick 122
7.Riot in Belgium – La Musique (sinden remix)
8.Data – J’Taime Pas le art (Data remix)
8.Nicky Van She and Dangerous Dan – Around The World (The Death set remix)
9.Os Magrinhos – Japonesa
10.Bonde Do Role – Office Boy (CSS remix)
11.Da Hool – Met Her in Baltimore (Elroy’s edit)
12.TTC – Travellier (Orgasmic remix)
13.Bag Raiders – Nil by Mouth
14.Fesit – My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic remix)
15.Cyndi Lauper – When You Were Mine
16.Boys noize – Let’s Buy Happiness
17.MSTRKRFT – Bodywork / Paul Woolford – Erotic Tool
18.Yuksek – Dirty little trip (vicarious Bliss remix)
19.Duke Dumont – Pop That Pussy
20.Klaxons – Golden Skans (Switch Unreleased remix)
21.In flagranti – Genital Blue Room
22.My Cousin Roy - Bobbi’s Back
23.Beatles – Day Tripper
24.Radioclit - Nelly Ti Picou
25. Bondo do role – gasolina (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
26.Mystery Jets – Diamonds In The Dark (Tapedeck remix)
27.Mr. Oizo – Stunt
28. Justice – Let There Be Light (Dj Funk remix)
29.Fat Joe – Make It Rain (Remix)
30. Starski n Clutch - East to west
31.Ying Yang Twins – Peanut Butter Jelly Time (remix)
32.Claude Von Stroke – Peanut Butter Jelly time (Claude’s Miami Doodoo bootleg)
33.Trevor loveys and Sinden – Organ Grinder
34.Teki latex – disco dance with you (Para one remix)
35.Whirpool Productions – Disco to Disco (LRD remix)
36. Louie Austen – Im a Disco Dancer
37.Hedman – On and On (Zombie Nation remix)
38.Muscles – Sweaty
39. Midnight Juggernauts – Nine Lives
40.Westbam and Nena – Old school baby (Piano mix)
41. Franki Valli – Beggin (Speaker Killer remix)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Television rules the nation

Heroes was ridiculously inexpensive at one of Melbourne's many JB Hi-Fi stores so I grabbed Season One on a whim.

I'd managed to see most of the shows while it was screening on TV3 earlier this year, but a trip to Melbourne meant I missed the last few episodes and it turns out I may have missed quite significant chunks of a few episodes before then.

Well, I've just finished watching it all the way through and I have to say I quite liked it. Well, all bar the fairly piss-weak ending that is. All we needed was an American flag to be fluttering in the background when Nathan grabbed Peter and flew him way up high. Lame, is the word that comes to mind there.

I haven't really got into the second season of the show because it didn't really make much sense, certainly not in the way the first season clearly drove its various plot threads to a clear end. It's still on (I think) but I think I might just wait until Season Two comes out on DVD. Fingers crossed JB Hi-Fi sells it as cheaply as they did Season One.

In other TV show DVD musings...

Damages should be out on DVD soon. At least I hope it is. I saw ads for its release last week in Australia so fingers crossed we're not far behind. I've seen all bar the first episode but this is a show that demands to be studied again and again as the nuances seem to mean so very much as the show progresses one episode to the next.

I developed a taste for Dexter in Melbourne and would have seen more episodes if not for the plaintive cries of a visibly-ill housemate. One of the house guests thought she'd watch the second season while I was asleep on the couch. I really don't know that I've had dreams as fucked up as I did that night. The upshot: I'll be trawling the net for DVDs of the TV show.

I have three episodes to go on Project Runway Canada and although I've already sneaked a peek at who wins, I still want to see how things pan out for the lovely Marie-Genevieve (second from the left).

Oh and after watching an episode mid-series on Project Runway 4, colour me quite intent on tracking down the other episodes. I wonder if they've released it on DVD yet.

Say. It. Ain't. So.

UK duo La Grève Générale have just delivered up their latest online offering. Firm favourites after releasing their Cheese on toast and sambuca mixtape, they're back with the ominously-titled Blog House is Dead.

A healthy stew of club bangers, hip hop wonders and tracks just dripping in nostalgia, this is a mix made for the Antipodean summer.

Download it here and as per instructions, La Grève Générale recommend that listeners turn up the bass before listening.


1. Intro
2. Fuck Buttons – Sweet love for planet Earth
3. Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are Bangers & Cash – Loose
4. The Knife – Heartbeats
5. Pharoahe Monch – Simon says
6. Radiohead – No surprises
7. Missy Elliot ft Mike Jones – Joy
8. Enduser – Red meth
9. Grizzly Bear – Shift
10. Dead Prez – I have a dream too (LGG's blam-blam edit)
11. DJ Unk – Walk it out (Remix ft Andre 3000)
12. Adam Tensta - My cool
13. Sinden and the Count of Monte Cristal – Beeper
14. Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi (DatA remix)
15. Dizzee Rascal – Flex
16. Booka Shade – The bird and the beats at the win
17. The Killers – Somebody told me
18. Dizzee Rascal – Fix up look sharp
19. Anavan – Notoriety
20. Envelopes – Party (Sportsday Megaphone remix)
21. Lil Mama – Lip gloss (Krazyfiesta remix)
22. Porcupine Tree – Pure narcotic
23. Pase rock ft Amanda Blank – Sexy motherfucker
24. Trick Daddy ft Chamillionaire – Bet that
25. Ghosts on Tape - Mogadishu Night Life
26. Modeselektor – Hasir
27. Cadence Weapon – In search of the youth crew
28. Teenage BadGirl – Tales from the pigs
29. Phil Collins – Sussudio
30. Rex the Dog – Circulate (JBag Radio Edit)
31. Faltermeyer – Axel F
32. Grafton Primary – I can cook (Miami Horror remix)
33. Chromeo – Needy Girl
34. TTC and Modeselektor – 2000007
35. High Powered Boys – Hoes Get Down
36. Partyshank – Penis Vs Vagina (Lies in Disguise remix)
37. Europe – The Final Countdown (Them Jeans remix LGG "Made A Yacht Disappear" edit)
38. Like Woah – Oh I Like (Whitenoise remix)
39. Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are Bangers & Cash – BOOTAY
40. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
41. Sneaky Sound System – UFO (SebastiAn vs Blaze Tee rerub)
42. Bloc Party – Hunting for Witches (Villians Electro-Banger Remix)
43. Kissy Sell Out – Her
44. LFO – Freak
45. Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – The next episode
46. Daft Punk – Short Circuit
47. Ying Yang Twins – The Whisper Song
48. 65Daysofstatic – I swallowed hard, like I understood
49. Juelz Santana – Dipset (Ghislain Poirier remix)
50. Stars - Elevator love letter
51. DJ Khaled – Holla at me
52. More Fire Crew – Still The Same
53. Wale – Freaks (Bird Peterson remix)
54. Daft Punk – Aerodynamic
55. Shy Child – Summer (South Central remix)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Music sounds better with... you

It is hard not to babble, rant or rave after experiencing Daft Punk live, because they are quite simply incredible.

The blisteringly bright light show, the ragingly torrential sound system, the costume change into neon-lit outfits for the encore, the 13,000-strong crowd loving it as much as we did. Everything. Incredible.

Playing their Alive 2007 CD on the stereo really loud is great but falls far short of actually being there. That said you should still get the album as it is a better greatest hits compilation than La Musique (which is something I'll have to get from Joel at some stage).

With hand on heart, I would honestly describe it as close as I could possibly get to an ecstatic religious experience.

Daft Punk were of course only the last 90 minutes of a six-hour event, so of the support acts...

The Presets impressed the most. I've been wanting to see these guys live for the longest time, and loved every minute of their set. As well as performing stalwarts like Are You The One? and Girl By The Sea, they also performed some of the material that will feature on their second album and it is going to absolutely kill when it comes out in January next year.

Cut Copy were good but their sound suffered from becoming lost in the open-air venue. They looked fantastic and I can at least say I got to hear them play Hearts On Fire, but I think I'll still need to see them in a dingy club to really set my heart on fire.

SebastiAn and Kavinsky were really good, but then they were really good when I saw them earlier this year. SebastiAn pulled out his reworking of RATM's Killing In The Name and the crowd loved it just as much as the night he first played it.

All in all, it was an incredible event.

Making it even more special are murmurs that Daft Punk were concluding their Alive 2007 tour in Australia, and that those shows might be the last they ever do (or do for a fair few years).

Hat-tip to my host for the photo heading this post.

Monday, 17 December 2007


I don't know what to say about the last six days.

I really don't.

So what I will say is that I arrived back home a couple hours ago and have a few things to sort out.

Back soon.


Thursday, 13 December 2007

Maybeitsthegintalking, but...

... the clock has just turned three over here and I'm feeling really rather peachey keen. Everyone else has either gone to bed or nodded off where I was going to sleep, but thats all good.

We just finished watching Tarantino's Death Proof, and I really enjoyed it. All the quirks that gave it that low-budget feel, the random cutaways, the killer soundtrack, the seer pointlessness of so much of it, and the incredible crash scene towards the end of the first half of the film. I had to ask Josh if we could watch it again. He seemed surprised but happily obliged all the same.

Today's been a fairly cabbage day to be honest. The hijinks of last night seemed to knock a few of us around a bit, while others spent the day at work. I may have bought too much of nothing I particularly needed, but it felt good and generated a suitable chorus of appreciative noises from my hosts. Gin (again). More downloaded TV shows. We saw an episode last from the fourth series of what I think was Project Runway, and it was glorious. We sent most of today watching American Dad, something called Snuff Box (looks very Mighty Boosh), an excellent Aussie show called Summer Heights School (made by the same guy that id that thing earlier this year about people vying to be Australian of the Year). I managed to snag Korean revenge flic Old Boy for $10 and none of this lot had ever seen it but the octopus scene near the start proved almost as hard to take as the dizzying plot.

Dinner tonight was courtesy of yours truly, albeit mightily impromptu, heavily influenced by the juniper juice, and really rather tastier than I thought it would be. It seems that wonders indeed never do cease.

I probably should be getting some sleep, but I really don't feel that tred.

I know I'm quite drunk right now too, but thats ok, isn't it? It's not like I left the stove on or anything.

The nights are so warm here that we've left the doors wide open at both ends of the flat so a little air can circulate. It's so comfy I might sleep in the inflatable sphere-like thing out the back. Could be fun. Could also be quite disastrous and potentially incredibly humiliating should the lanky one bust out his camera.


Like I said, could be fun.

PS: I finally found Polyester Records' city store today. The stylishly non-descript front of store had me fooled into thinking it was just another one of the highly-sought-after-yet-achingly-unattainable fashion houses along Flinders Lane. I'd been walking past the thing for half a dozen times before I realised what was up. Smart, I know, but I challenge anyone to find it, without looking it up on the internet.

And on that note, I need to pee.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

This just in

I need a shave.

I need sunscreen.

I need aloe vera.

I need anti-histamine.

I need tonic water.

I need cucumber.

I need the alcohol fumes seeping from my pores to not spontaneously ignite in the harsh glare of unfettered sunlight.

I need a fuckload of free international txts on my Vodafag contract.

I need air-conditioning.

I need another week here.

I need another year here.

I need to live here.

In exchange for providing me with anything off my list of life's essentials, I can gladly offer you not one... not two... not three... but FOUR small vials of Nivea for Men cooling gel moisturiser. There are an army of short women in achingly-tight branded tops swarming the streets handing out wee vials of the stuff left right and centre.

Now if only South gin adopted the same marketing strategy...

On matters less whimsical, Melbourne is hot but not swelteringly so. Piers is in good form if quite heavily sleep-deprived. The beer is cold, the Pimms served by the jug, the gin smooth and deceptively intoxicating, the rooftop bars rather glorious, the bar staff a dream (esp the crew at Rooftop), the food really rather spesh (the drunken prawns at Cookie yesterday were especially spesh) and yeah... life is good.

Yes I am a tad sunburnt but its been more than worth it for the great time I'm having. Looking in the mirror after my shower this "morning" (and I use that term loosely) it seemed I was turning almost... well... brown.

Oh and JJ's right about the flies but they don't detract that much from what is still a fun city to be in.

Do I love it here? Sure, and we're only into day two of this adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates (entirely dependent on sobriety) here on SFTWM.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Who is that man with the beard?

I found this photo here while browsing Asian Dan's online home and was quite taken with this scene of French gents with that unmistakable air that said "daylight is foreign to me".

I can pick out from left-to-right SebastiAn looking like he just stumbled in from godknowswhere, Kavinsky rocking the rolled up sleeves a la Miami Vice, next to who I assume is DJ Mehdi, with Ed Banger owner and Daft Punk manager Busy P crouched at the front, and Sebastien Tellier and Mr Oizo coming in from the right like the throwbacks to a not-so-bygone musical era that they are.

All said and done though I can't for the life of me place the guy in the camel jacket.

Anyone know who he is?

If we apply the process of elimination, he isn't...

=> Mr Flash, because his face isn't round enough or his expression manic enough
=> Krazy Baldhead, because he doesn't have that shaved head look
=> So Me, because he isn't young and ginger
=> Vicarious Bliss, because he isn't ginger
=> One of the guys from Justice, because he isn't hidden by a thick dense fog of cigarette smoke and scenester groupies
=> Uffie, because she is a tasty wee piece of French-Miami totty, and this guy... well... isn't

So who could it be?

This just in

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a sad day.

It was noticed earlier this weekend by residents in the Wellington suburb of Wilton that an old friend had disappeared. It seems that the lump known as Noel decided he no longer wished to reside in my elbow and where once there was an enormous and sometimes-painful gathering of joint fluid, there now sits an odd bony bit that doesn't seem to match the bony bits on my other elbow.

Has he moved on but forgot to clean up the place before he moved on?

Has he instead evolved into something else entirely?

Has he somehow died in my elbow and no-one noticed?

I don't really know.

What I do know however is that my knee hurts like it might if it had gone through an interior wall at some stage, and the pills are doing very little to numb the pain but the hallucinations are proving rather entertaining.


... so few days that I'm left too excited to even count out the days on my butch and manly fingers, but from the morning after tomorrow I shall be in residence in Melbourne essentially killing time until this great event comes upon us.

If you'd like me to get you something while I'm over there, send your shopping lists via the previously prescribed method.

A certain someone has already requested disco vodka from the leg over there.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Another moment of simple maths

Hat-tip to Abethe @ hEaR tHiS for originally posting these poster ads

If this makes little sense, read the writing on the bottom right of each poster ad. Well, that or take a wander through Central Park late one night.

A moment of simple maths

I need a lie down after watching that.

Hat-tips all round to:
=> Modular Sydney @ modblogular for the photos
=> Travis @ Bigstereo for the heads-up on the video
=> Julian and Kim of The Presets for the song

Guess what I made for dinner last night

Harissa-rubbed lamb back strap, baby carrots with hazelnut and butter sauce, and oven-roasted balsamic and cinnamon beetroot with a spinach roux.

Not bad for a Wednesday night effort.

So... what did you have?

A funny thing happened on the way to Kirks Cuisine Centre this morning *

Those of us who inhabit 'Featherston Valley' know well that Brandon Street is normally serenaded by the honking of horns, the unattendance of ubiquitous car alarms, and the screeching of courier van tires. Well, this morning Brandon Street found itself captured by the sounds of children from Miramar South Primary School singing Abba's Waterloo.

Now one doesn't normally expect to hear children singing in this part of town (more from lack of places where children might be found around here), let alone Abba tunes.

A thoughtful person might wonder what it says about the state of our education system when schools big (see previous post) and small are getting their students to put their hands out.

I was instead left wondering how cool it would have been if they busted out some Uffie or even (dare I say it) Killing In The Name of Rage Against The Machine.

* for those interested in such matters, I wandered along to Kirks to pick up a Bordeaux Bakery German stick and a small bottle of Charlie's Soda Co. Sparkling Pomegranate.

I was mite peckish this morning.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

It's the thought that counts

Lumen accipe et imperti - Accept the light and pass it on

I can't believe I still remember my high school motto.

Well my former high school has tracked me down with an oddly played guilt trip of a letter from some over-achieving 7th former future-pillar-of-the-community in the hopes I might "give" money to help with the school's operating costs.

My how the mighty have fallen.

Wellington College was quite the school in my day. In the age of Rees-Thomas, we were a sporting and academic powerhouse, a groomer of champions. Sure we had to suffer Christian do-gooder groups turning up every now and again with moral messages about the things young people needed to look out for and avoid (masturbation, drink, drugs, etc.).

I can't say I enjoyed the entirety of my time there. Never quite enough of one clique or another, I tended to float among the many that operated on the school's ample grounds. My most enjoyable year was sixth form and the end-of-year results show it. Then came the dark time of seventh form. It wasn't a bad year for me results-wise but a number of us had to suffer a particularly painful class with a particularly vindictive teacher. Suffice to say we were her crowning disappointment in all her years of teaching.

The point of all this reminiscing is that the letter calls on me to look back on what the school gave me and the path it set me on in my life. Quite the tug-at-the-heart-strings ploy.

The programmes they're asking for the support of Old Boys are laudable and worthy of support.

Yes, I am a selfish and pompous man, but in many respects Wellington College tamed me, brought some much-needed discipline into my life, and ultimately helped me hone many of the skills I now call upon in my personal and professional life.

Yes, I did make some of my best friendships during my high school years.

Yes, I did have some truly excellent teachers for whom I'll always remember fondly and feel indebted towards.

I just don't know that I want to "give" back to a school I barely recognise as the one I went to for five years.

Besides, penmanship seems to have really gone right out the window if this over-achiever's near-illegible scrawl is anything to go by.

Monday, 3 December 2007

I can't become king if someone else already sits on the throne

I saw David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises last night and really quite enjoyed it. It had the Russian mafia, a menacing driver who was more than he appeared, Vincent Cassel at his suppresed homoerotic best, and the violence graphic but far from gratuitous.

The plot centres around how things can change in a matter of days when nothing is as it seems. There's actually a lot more to the film but to say more would give too much away.

Suffice to say it is one of Cronenberg's less-obtuse films (eXistenZ anyone?) and it had one of the better fight scenes I've had the pleasure of seeing on the big screen. It was visceral and quite realistic, with parts of it leaving me quite physically ill. Now that my friends is the mark of a well-made fight scene.

Four reasons to want to be in Wellington

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Say it with me people

... ugh!

Rambo: First Blood wasn't so bad in its day.

Rambo II was pretty bad.

Rambo III should never have been made.

Rambo IV... I'm lost for words.

Does Stallone need the money now he's milked the Rocky franchise for all it was worth?

Colour me quite severely... uninterested.


... 9 days and counting.

I should probably tell my parents I'm leaving the country soon.