Monday, 30 April 2007

Ghosts and Ghouls

All this talk of old school gaming reminds me of something HeadphoneSex brought to my attention last week.

There's this guy called Datassette that remixes songs almost like he'd crudely forced them into the cartidge slot in the back of a gameboy.

His remixes of the Human League's Don't You Want Me? (as alter ego Datashat) and Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill (as Datassette) aren't bad and the 8-bit game sounds do make a forgivable mockery of whatever sentimentality we may have ever held for these songs (especially in the fantastically Ghouls and Ghosts-esque Don't You Want Me?).

You should have a listen. Especially Don't You Want Me?.

Colour my thumbs obliterated

... and it's all his fault.

Side-scrolling platformers were a firm fixture in my early gaming with Sonic the Hedgehog proving a firm favourite for a while there. Well with the advent of 3D and online gaming, it looked like the side-scrolling platformer was relegated to the heap of obsolescence.

Thankfully Alien Hominid came along and the good times were here again. It's mad, it's cartoony, it's gratuitous in its violence and it is achingly addictive.

I mean honestly, how could you possibly NOT want to play this game???

All I can say is, amen for Xbox Live Marketplace.

Forgive them for they know not what they hath wrought

Only a week or so after Mister Chris geeked out over being summoned for jury service, the gods of justice have deemed it necessary to similarly summon me.

I'm not sure they know what they're in for. Should I try and get out of it? Could be fun. Could be boring.

Hmmm.... food for thought.

Oh and for the stalkers out there, they got the address wrong.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

I'll reach out to you tonight

Ok people, I've got a $2 mixture of an update to drop on you...

: Think of the candy
The next Tonite Kids night is this week. The theme? Pinata!!!

The TK folks even provide user-friendly construction instructions for those to whom Mexican party tricks are anything but familiar.

Looking over the photos from TK2 : Handmade T-shirt Rave I can't help but notice how young the crowd looks. Like younger brother young. I don't have a younger brother. I don't have any brothers. But I do see a few guys that are the younger brothers to guys that I went to high school. I feel old just looking at them having a great time. I'm thinking I should run with a safety in numbers strategy for the next one. It kept us safe as kids. Well maybe you guys. White flight left me somewhat vulnerable to the predations of over-keen adults.

So... you should come with.

: Killing in the name of...
SovietPanda muses on RATM heralding the end of the 90s rave revival through indiscriminate inciting of hipster mayhem in clubs the world over. It gave me warm fuzzies of the SebastiAn / Kavinsky gig I went to in Melbourne. The dance floor went mental when SebastiAn launched his last-minute remix.

Anywho, the SovietPanda piece makes for interesting reading whichever way you look at it. Check. It. Out.

: Colour me cancerous
...but this week marks the further spreading of my online presence across the internet.

So far my self-indulgent ways have corrupted the likes of Bebo and Last.FM, I have Yahoo!messenger aliases and MSN messenger IDs for Africa, I have this blog, a guest role on this blog, Flikr and Photobucket albums and various email accounts with Yahoo!mail, Hotmail and Gmail among others.

Well, I can now add myspace to that long and shameful list. Yes, myspace. No I haven't suddenly developed unrivaled musical talents. Nor have I taken on the job of managing some upstart 'it' band. No, just a humble page. It's orange. So very very orange.

Add me as a friend. You know you want to.

Sad but true.

Oh and silly me, I almost forgot to mention I also have an XboxLive gamertag (kinda like the one this guy has) only mine looks like this.

: This just in from Gisborne
Colour me speechless when I received this from our floral correspondent.

It definitely isn't safe for work and is probably of no interest to many of you.

Well, unless you go for that kind of thing.

: Shit just got real!
Ok so maybe this happened a few weeks back but the flatmate and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hot Fuzz on the big screen. It appealed moreso than Shaun of the Dead but then I saw Hot Fuzz without having seen Shaun of the Dead first.

Yes, Mister Chris has reminded me of the travesty (in my defence I did watch and enjoy Spaced when it was on Prime) and has since helped me secure my own copy of Shaun of the Dead. I quite liked that one too, but it pales in comparison to Dawn of the Dead. Don't hate me because it's true.

Well since seeing Hot Fuzz, Pantz and I came to thoroughly enjoy watching Sunshine. Sure it was 28 Days Later in space but it was still an excellent character-driven film. The hi ho silvers and G&Ts at Pondo beforehand certainly helped. And therein lay the tragedy of the evening...

It has been a while since I was last at Pondo but this recent visit had the overwhelming veneer of faded glories about it. The velvet corner didn't seem so dark and inviting as it once did. Instead it was over-lit and revealing in the torn carpet and leather upholstery. On the whole it seemed devoid of the energy and fun it once had. The silver lining to this dark cloud can only be the hope of liquidation and the prospect of seeing Howard's moosehead mounted on my wall for an affordable price.

: With hearts on fire...

We love Cut Copy here on SFTWM and it is with much joy that we came to hear that Cut Copy will be touring Australia (noone Iwant to see ever comes to New Zealand!!!).

Here's a wee taste.

Unfortunately the youtube video is partial and sketchy and the sound isn't so good and watching them perform live on a tiny box within a not-quite-so-tiny box with tiny speakers doesn't really compare to seeing them live.

So you'll need to colour me visibly gutted because I don't arrive in Melbourne until a week after their gig hits the Victorian capital.

Fuck. Nuts.

Friday, 27 April 2007

You've gotta face the music

My neck is killing me this morning and it's all his fault.

He was on the radio last night (amen for internet radio) and his mix went from the Phones Edit of New Young Pony Club's The Bomb to Van She Tech's remix of Van She's Aretha before switching from Midnight Juggernaut's Tombstone to The Preset's I Go Hard I Go Home.

Shiny is gonna be soooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooood. You should come.

Does anyone have the number of a better than decent chiropractor or masseur/massueuse?

Oh, how remiss of me... and how was your Thursday evening? I had a quiet one myself.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Do the dance, the way you move is a mystery

Ok, you really need to see this.

No. You REALLY need to see it.

Why? Well, because it's from the record label that brought us this glorious album...

... and because they throw parties like this...

Monday, 23 April 2007

It... lives!!!

In commemoration of the imminent return of Guns N Roses to our fair shores, JJ has resurrected his online shrine to GNR, the presumably significantly dubbed The Spaghetti Incident.

I've never been a fan of GNR or their music, but when the call went out for contributors, I had to answer. And answer I have with my first contribution.

Should be interesting to see how this goes.

Confessions of a confusing beverage

... or I just suffered the weirdest beverage ever.

I struggle most Monday mornings, and today is proving no different. My struggling concentration levels and obvious signs of sleep deprivation desperately needed attending and so I did. With bottles of fresh orange juice and spirulina fruit mix in hand I felt ready to re-enter the productive reality of a vaguely corporate minion.

The OJ was delish. Not too pulpy, not too bitter, not too sweet. In every sense a Goldilocks moment where everything was just right.

The same could not be said for the spirulina. For some reason it tried to leap at me when I twisted the cap off, before seething with seemingly frustrated ambitions to a point where it slowly spewed over the lip of the bottle. Pouring the ozzing and expanding mess into a glass proved similarly futile. The bubbles. they just wouldn't go away. Always present. Always growing. No amount of furious stirring with a knife would diminish the ever-increasing green goo.

How did it taste? Anything but pleasant but not entirely revolting. Weird would probably best describe how it tasted.

Coke never did anything like this. Coke was a good and loyal and consistent friend over the years. I miss it. *sobs*

What would anyone want with Henry's notebooks?

I loved Henry Fool. Still do. Everything about it. Loved. It. All. It helped me see Hartley's greatly-underrated pre-millennial effort The Book Of Life on the big screen one fateful Wellington International Film Festival. That was easily one of my more enjoyable lunch breaks.

Well, soon-to-be-generally-released Fay Grim is the decade-long follow-up to Hal Hartley's late 90s triumph that was Henry Fool.

So you'll have to colour me cautious after watching the trailer for Fay Grim.

I love Parker Posey. I loved Henry Fool. I love great character-driven films with odd dialogue and a hint of quite delicious randomness. I miss the excellent indie films of the mid-to-late 90s.

Oh dear God I hope the sequel lives up to the original.

On a less-pointless note, it seems Reno 911 could be screening in Wellington as soon as May 17, assuming of course the theatres here opt to screen it.

A light speed travel from Paris to Copenhagen via Hamburg

Thanks to Mister Chris I now find myself in possession of Kitsune Records compilations Kitsune Maison 1, 2 and 3, as well as the rarities collection Kitsune Midnight. He mentioned in passing over katsu at Miyabi last Thursday that he saw the CD Store on Cuba St had some compilation CDs I might be interested in. I almost wept with glee when the scarily-skinny retail boy uttered "Oh, Kitsune" (kit-soo-nay) before digging through the banks of CDs to reveal a swag of musical goodness.

Well, in dire need of new tunes with which one might enjoy gin in the company of someone whose musical tastes are not so dissimilar from my own, Damo and I set about exploring my new found musical purchases and one particular gem immediately stood out from the rest.

Maybe it was the obscene amount of gin we'd already consumed, maybe it was the really catchy beat we heard screaming out from the stereo at some ungodly hour of the evening, maybe it was the engaging simplicity of the music video, Maybe it was my prior if thorough enjoyment of this song on le iPod, but Digitalism's Zdarlight is a truly glorious song when heard really quite loud.

You have to love the synchronised fireworks, the way the light refracts through the winter mist and fog, the sheer randomness of the video, the skillful use of torches at various parts of the video.


Stuff that might make the whore jealous

My love of urban vinyl of the "This is a work of art, not a toy" (the disclaimer on every toy that Kid Robot produces) variety is generally well known. My collection is shamefully large for the relatively brief time of my collecting.

Well, I think I may have found the perfect addition to my collection.

For only US$1000 plus no doubt exorbitant shipping and handling, this Giant Labbit could be mine!

So... how healthy is your credit card again?

Oh, really!

Excellent, can I get you another drink?

Oh and where did you leave your wallet again?

I shan't be long...

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Opportunity will move out of the way to let a man pass it by

Ok, the plan for a few weeks now has been all about getting back to Melbourne in June for a six day jaunt similar in nature to my last one. Well, last Friday saw the plan temporarily interrupted by the introduction of an opportunity seemingly headed straight at yours truly.

You see, Air New Zealand were running a Mother's Day promotion that meant any international travel during the month of May would be half price. There was however a doozy of a catch, namely the flights had to be for two people and they needed to be booked and paid for by midnight that night.

Now I've had in the back of my mind for a while now the knowledge that the Midnight Juggernauts would perform in Melbourne as part of their Road to Recovery tour of Australia. If you have to ask why I'd be so keen to see them, just ask Piers or check out the video below for the achingly funky if oh so fantastic Shadows.

My knowledge of their tour extended as far as the venue and date of their appearance (Friday 4 June at the Prince Ballroom - same venue as the Sebastian/Kavinsky gig I went to last time) and the prospect of half-price flights was too good to miss. $800 return to Melbourne for two people? That's only $400 each!!! Mister Chris paid more than that for the privilege of flying to Dunners.

Suffice to say much of my Friday was spent agitating over my lack of immediately available finances and harassing many of my friends for the incredibly necessary position of 'companion' to secure the promo rate.

The plan was so simple, so easy, so intoxicating that the opportunity needed to be pursued, nay realised. And yet as with all things that seem to good to be true, this too proved unattainable.

I won't go into the reasons why, but suffice to say I'm really quite gutted it didn't come through. All I can say is amen for Damo turning up late last Friday night with a fresh bottle of Tanqueray. We cleaned the bottle out between us although he started disappearing to embrace the porcelain throne before I thought it prudent to stop drinking.

The murderous hangover the next day was a doozy.

Best one yet (worst one yet?).

A prophet is seldom heeded in his own land

This just in from Pantz. He was reading an interview with Trent Reznor. In part, it goes like this:

Q: How do you relax when you’re not working?

A: I’m never not working! Actually, I do enjoy reading and I enjoy mountain-biking.

Q: Are you quite a fit person?

A: Um, yeah, pretty much.

Q: What’s the last book you read?

A: It was a book called ‘The Road’. I forget who the author is [Cormac McCarthy], but it was a post-apocalyptic, futuristic tale. You know, cheery light reading!

Now that is a man with taste in literature. If Pantz liked NIN as much as he say he does, then I really think he needs to start reading Cormac McCarthy.

Friday, 20 April 2007

"I vote we all go and get happy meals"

Count me out if this is what passes for a happy meal these days.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Colour me less than happy

Well it seems work has conspired to prevent me from attending the Europe Day celebrations at Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant.

How so?

Well it seems I am destined to instead spend three days and two nights in the thriving metropolis of Hamilton.

Fuck. Nuts.

I should be back in time for Joel's set at Curve though. Inshallah.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Well hello

It seems 'Bull' Allen will be joining such pillars of New Zealand society as Bishop Brian Tamaki, Pastor Peter Mortlock and Rev Mike Weitenberg (I too have never heard of the man) at the head of the groundswell when family values hit the steps of Parliament in May.


Well... colour me even less-inclined to join the anti-smacking debate.

Put simply, I've had enough. Enough of the painful debates on TV. Enough of the political pointscoring from all sides of the House. Enough of the older generation claiming this is a descent into barbarism. Enough of the godbotherers claiming this heralds the loss of family values (I'm surprised noone has yet used the imagery of the horns of Jericho - it is destructive without being apolocalyptic). Enough of the dogooders claiming this will go a long way to reduce the incidence of child abuse in this country. Enough of Christine Rankin saying this is the most important issue New Zealanders have faced in decades.

Can we please move on to more interesting / substantive / meaningful / worthwhile endeavours than giving in to mass hysteria, righteous indignation and histrionics.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Forgive the shit PXT, but...

Check. It. Out.
Yes I know it's a consulate reception, yes I know this won't be a proper dinner, and yes it is a work thing but people please, just look where it's being held!!!

I do enjoy my tier one restaurants and Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant is easily one of the better tier one establishments in this city. It's just a shame I don't really like eating seafood.

I don't really like doing anything with seafood to be honest.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

"It's MY show!"

They may not like the revelatory references, but their appearance in a two-page photo spread in this past Sunday's issue of... well... Sunday will see the castle concrete clan Barr made far more commonly-known than this modest online literary effort.

Well, their enviable lifestyle spills into the online world through Over the net and on the table and I must admit to quite enjoying the art world snapshots that they provide. I'm far from the scene and most of the posts arguably fly right over my head but every now and again there are posts that appeal to my inner Veruca Salt (this one, not this one) and those that pique my interest something wicked. Oh and check this out.

Check it out sometime. The comments function has been switched off, leaving what many others treat as an exercise in audience-participation as something to be enjoyed for what it is, a good read.

I've thoroughly enjoyed their company, their hospitality (the lamb and eggplant dish served with quinoa remains a strong culinary memory for me - well done Jim!) their art collection, their witty repartee, their love of excellent foreign films, and their affection for ping pong (professional bats and Master P's passionate pursuit of trick shots notwithstanding). Good times. Good times.

I really must return the favour.

And soon.

Plaintive cry for help

I just caught this gorgeous music video on Who The Bloody Hell Are They? and I love everything from the cheesy gameboy graphics to the kidsy melody. It reeks of good times with good people.

Now I've heard of Architecture in Helsinki but haven't heard anything of theirs before this music video. Is their other stuff like this? Is it better? Is it worse?

Share with me your wealth of knowledge, people!!!

A very late Friday night drinking session with Damo helped me realise I've become so absorbed in the whole New Rave / Blog House scene that I've become somewhat oblivious to other great music. I've since been introduced to The Faint and am quite enjoying the few songs I have. Very The Knife-esque.

I am however left wondering if there is anything else I should be keeping an eye out for. Well? Is there? No, GNR's Chinese Democracy doesn't count.

Oh and before I forget, if ever there was a reason to be in London this Easter, this was it...

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

And so my five day weekend comes to a close

... and I'm not sure there's anything more I can share.

So... how was your own holiday weekend? Suitably festive?

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Oh, and just for the record...

The Tanqueray comes fresh from the freezer, the cucumber is Lebanese and the cup is a relic of a now-extinct McD summertime promotion.

The lesson for tonight? Gin just isn't gin if it isn't drunk just so.

I really don't know what to say

... other than that I am having a blast and there are another three days to go on my five day holiday weekend.

Just forgive the devastation of tonic bottles by the front door, and the cucumber shavings throughout the kitchen, and the empty gin bottles out by the barbecue. They are but remnants, nay souvenirs, of good times having been had by a very select few in a very select area of our nation's capital.

If Jesus died on the cross for a reason that reason was so I could drink gin, enjoy fantastic tunes, talk absolute shit about things I thought I'd left at the office, and avoid embarassing photos of dancefloor moments with people far too young for me.

Oh dear god I hope the photos don't materialise.

UPDATE: the photos don't look too bad. I will however be keeping them to myself as they don't entirely reflect too well on others in my circle.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

This is where I should have been tonight

... instead of staying at home feeling like shit while the flatmate does very little to look after the guest he has staying with us for a few days and Jay repeatedly asks if his 17yo workmates can come with his posse to the flat tomorrow night.

Colour me frustrated on a number of levels. Just not coloured enough to go to Tonite Kids tonight. Their next club night is in a couple weeks and themed as a homemade tshirt rave.

I'll definitely be going to that one.

I wish I had my papaya bubble bath and strawberry exfoliant

Everyone's favourite record label Modular Records (home of The Presets, Van She, Cut Copy and Klaxons among other stellar acts) now seem to have their own mag called of all things, M is for Modular.

Haha! Yes, I also picked up on the subtle reference.

The first issue has just come out and seems to be free to all and sundry so long as one lives in Australia. Thankfully I've got Piers hooking a brother up with a copy.

This comes out on the back of their seventh Modcast arriving in my iTunes earlier today and what an excellent Modcast it is too. 56min of pure gloriousness, esp the SebastiAn remix of Klaxons' Golden Skans and the 13min Modular mix at the end is quite the smorgasbord of similarly excellent tunes.

I do however wish Gus would get the levels right so we could hear him speak in between the tracks. Quite often I've had to turn the volume way up to struggle to hear him say something before he kicks in with a track that almost blows the speakers.

It reeks of homemade lo-fi podcasting (UPDATE: which we love by the way!) but the songs they showcase are something so very very special.

Sure they don't stick to the monthly mantra but it only makes them all the better to enjoy when they do arrive. Much like an old friend.

Speaking of old friends, Joel the Jet Pilot is coming up to our nation's glorious capital from the one-eyed south to play a live set at some seedy dancle club in mid-May. If his mixes are anything to go by (and I think they are), I think it beholden on all of us to make an effort to enjoy the aural awesomeness he spins out.

Actually, is it still spinning if you're working on a laptop instead of turntables?

Surkin can certainly rock the dancefloor from behind a laptop so it must be ok. In this youtube clip he does SebastiAn and then Midnight Juggernauts.

I so want his babies. Yes I know he looks like he's about 15yo. No I don't actually want to suffer the misery of childbirth. I just really like the playlists for the sets he does.

Like, REALLY like.

Like, travel to Melbourne like.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Where's the kudos?

This occasionally interesting online literary odyssey hosts not one but two items celebrating the cultural diversity of this great nation of ours and Race Relations Commissioner Joris De Bres thanks these people?

Colour me underappreciated.

Monday, 2 April 2007

Give me a reason to cool you down

Well everything has calmed down today what with semi-pleasant resolution of the flatting crisis, resolution that now sees us able to happily live out the rest of our fixed term in a place we've come to call home. Some of you just have to hurry the fuck up and get the fuck over here before we have to look at moving the fuck out in November.

In celebration of the return to broadband speeds and some semblance of security in our living arrangements, I give you the excellent Goose with the excellent British Mode. Sure they kinda sound like Soulwax but that's probably because Goose are not only Belgian but also sport the former guitarist from Soulwax. You know you love Soulwax. Prepare to love Goose too.

And forgive the fanboy geekery but surely if DL can go all Shadowcat with the walls, he can make himself super-dense to the point he could smash his way through walls and be untouched. Density manipulation should surely go both ways. Yes I was watching Heroes. Yes you should have been watching Heroes too.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Jesus wept

I was having a rather good Sunday night out with Pantz and the flatmate.

We saw Pan's Labyrinth at Rialto. Sneak preview screenings. Good film but some parts were a bit much for most of in the theatre to handle without a hand between our eyes and the visual horrors we had to suffer. Very much in similar vein to his earlier effort The Devil's Backbone. I've seen that particular gem a few times. I'm not sure I could handle seeing Pan's Labyrinth again.

Then we got a phone call from the landlord that totally ruined my night out. The flatmate has fared better in the end for other reasons but I'm still quite angry. Despite my impassioned state its been left to me to call him tomorrow. It seems I have a better phone voice than my flatmate.

Fuck. Nuts.

And no this isn't an April Fools post.