Monday, 29 January 2007

I'm sorry, but...

I will mope for as long as I have things to mope about.





Sunday, 21 January 2007


I'm back to moping.

Back soon.



You know the routine.

Sorry to disappoint.

Friday, 19 January 2007


... the crowds should be abandoning Kasabian right about now to see Justice at the Boiler Room.


... I wonder if Kasabian are playing Reason Is Treason on the Green Stage.


... The Presets no doubt started their set on the Essential Stage ten minutes ago.


... Diplo is probably playing the Boiler Room right about now


... Hot Chip should be playing the Boiler Room right about now.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Yes, but would you rather have a po'boy?

Yes. Yes I would.

I went with The American earlier today to waterfront hole-in-the-wall steak joint Rawhide to see what they had to offer in the way of steak sandwiches. We'd passed the place last week with gelato in hand while walking back from po'boys at Sweet Mother's Kitchen.

I had the Prime Star while he had a comparatively gluttonous sandiwch that neither of us can remember the name of. The point of difference is that his sandwich had two 100gm pure angus steaks instead of the Prime Star's one.

Mine was nice enough. It didn't suffer from being drowned under too many conflicting flavours or stain-prone ingredients. The prices seemed like any other burger bar and the beef was really rather good (just the right amount of blood from a steak cooked medium rare). It is just that the sandwiches seemed a tad on the insubstantial side. And they don't serve fries either (is it me or is that REALLY odd?). We probably could have done half a gourmet hotdog each but the weather wasn't entirely pleasant and neither was the scenery walking past us either.

It might improve with the weather but then I still think I'd rather spend my money and my lunch break at Sweet Mother's Kitchen.

Say it with me people.

Hmmmm... po'boy.

Where's my gin?

Ok. Enough moping around. It gets tiresome after a while and so very very tired I am. Besides I have things to share so share I shall.

Apparently I call people "bro" quite often when I've had a few gins, and a few gins were had last Sunday. Good times. Good company. Good food. It was all good. Must do it again sometime, only I think JJ will have since learned not to help himself to the gins I make for myself (its been a fair while since I'd seen him that drunk). Loved the deer meat from the Adorable Newbie. Like the man says, it was so good you could taste the Disney.

The previous night was spent at the lovely Kelly's for her birthday drinks and drink we did on diabetically reckless beer. The soundtrack for the evening was catchy if sometimes incongruous, the beer cold and the company rather grand. I really must make a return trip.

A care package arrived on Monday from Piers that included a couple NSFW items as well as the very SFW issue of NME that came with a promo CD from MOdular Records. We love Modular and so should you.

The CD had songs from the likes of MSTRKRFT, The Presets and The Avalanches as well as newer acts like New Young Pony Club and Bumblebeez (I'm quite enjoying Black Dirt). For some messed up reason the songs are WAV files so you can't play the CD on your stereo and it takes a wee while to convert them onto iTunes. Fuck knows what they were thinking. Does anyone know if this is standard practice for NME? Speaking of NME, it seems as empty a publication as any antipodean weekly womens magazine. Plenty of photos of bands gigging or promo shots where they try to look moody on backgrounds of abject poverty. As for their top 50 albums of 2006, god only knows why they chose the Arctic Monkeys' debut effort. YYY's Show Your Bones and CSS' self-titled debut rightly deserved mentions on the top 10 but much of the rest of the list left me less than underwhelmed. Don't even get me started on the mutual ego-stroking going on between Kasabian and Oasis.

A care package is in the works for a return journey across the Tasman with HWP Volume 18 and Kitsune's third compilation (some overlap with HWP Volume 18 but it is still a rocking album) among other items.

I finally finished up Pantz's copy of Like Life by Lorrie Moore. A collection of odd short stories, they proved immensely entertaining to read. Personal favourite include You're Ugly Too where a history teacher relates a story of a cellist who kills herself because she gets stuck with a recent divorcee who insists on discussing love, and The Jewish Hunter where the loveliest guy has a post-coital habit of watching Holocaust videos after sex of bodies being bulldozed into open graves. The short stories were quite random in reflecting on the subtleties of what would outwardly seem real life. They also reminded me of David Sedaris' fictional short stories, moreso in being rooted in the ordinary than anything else. He also lent me a book by Ursula Le Guin but I really couldn't get into it. Sorry to disappoint.

Well I don't know what more to say so guess that'll be it until next time.

Sunday, 14 January 2007


There's stuff going down that I need to deal with.

Back soon.


*crosses fingers*

Friday, 12 January 2007

Po money, po problems

I'm belching po'boy aromas around the office again and it never felt so good. I like to see it as akin to performing a public service. How else will they understand the good times to be had at Sweet Mother's Kitchen?

Gone is the Age of the Turkey Po'boy (with stuffing bro - STUFFING!!!). Long Live the Beef Po'Boy. Cooked in gravy to the point of extreme tenderness and succulence the beef po'boy is just *drools uncontrollably*.

We had to have corn chips as a side as the oil wasn't hot enough to fry any... well... fries. Initially gutted, the chips proved a perfect accompaniment with healthy dollops of whipped avocado and a light tomato salsa of the fresh persuasion.

I feel so fat and content.

And gaseous.

I bought some steak at Meat on Tory on the walk back to the office. No duck and shittake mushrooms to be seen. Nor any sweet red pepper and lamb sausages. So I went with the aged scotch fillet *drools uncontrollably*. Sunday can't come soon enough!

We stopped by Kaffee Eis on the waterfront too. The pistachio ice cream was delish if a tad too much like a coffee ice cream. I don't like coffee. The passionfruit was quite sickly sweet but proved a capable foil to the pistachio. Num num nums.

Oh, today has been a good day to eat.

Music is my beach house

So the last bunch of posts have been fairly heavily music-related and well I'm not going to make any apologies for that. There are some truly fantastic tunes out there that just get the body moving, the soul rocking, and the voice going albeit at a Safe For Work decibel level.

Well the music love continues with the next volume of His Whoreness Presents... going to the soon-to-be-less-mysterious Damian. He's only a recent convert to New Rave so I thought I'd oblige with a smorgasbord of remixes and originals from some of the stellar performers of the genre at the moment.

Get Myself Into It (SebastiAn Remix) : The Rapture
Ross Ross Ross : SebastiAn
Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix) : Wolfmother
Running : Vendettas
Ended It Tonight : Teenagers In Tokyo
Are You The One? (Van She Tech Remix) : The Presets
Ice Cream : New Young Pony Club
Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition) : Death From Above 1979
Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan's Love From Above Re-Edit) : Death From Above 1979
Fa-Fa-Fa : Datarock
Around The World Again In 5.07 : Daft Punk vs Dangerous Dan from Van She
Heart of Hearts : !!!
Alala (Princess Superstar Remix) : Cansei De Ser Sexy
Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Edit) : The Gossip
Dance Me In (Optimo Mix) : Sons & Daughters
Toop Toop : Cassius
Waters Of Nazareth : Justice

I was torn over whether to include Shit Robot's remix of Dandolo's Fire Breathing as it was easily one of the truly stonking tracks of last year. The only problem was that it is 11 minutes long and kinda repetitive for a newbie. No I'm not going to cut songs up. I appreciate the music. Nothing more.

I also really love Death From Above 1979's Romantic Rights in its original form but the Erol Alkan remix gave me a twofer that still more than satisfies.

I don't know if Sons & Daughters strictly qualifies as New Rave but I love Dance Me In and the Optimo mix seems to fit with the other songs in the mix.

I, I, I, I! God I sound like something melodramatically theatrical from Angels in America.

Oh. My God.

USA DJ Michael Potvin, oops sorry, ptvn has come out with a killer new ravetastic mix. His previous efforts Disco Mix 4 Sarah and his earlier Valentine's Day Mix were regular listening fodder on the iPod. His new mix is par excellence.

Look, don't make me rant and rave and blow smoke up his blog like a total fanboy!

Just download it already and feel the new rave love ptvn-style.

Tracklisting for the mix is as follows:
the sunshine underground - you never party
lcd soundsystem - us vs them
simian mobile disco - tits & acid
shiny toy guns - le disko (boys noize vocal mix)
TEPR - coke and cream
peter, bjorn, and john - young folks
nesakyk mamai - no front teeth
uffie - ready to uff
the rapture - wooo alright yeah uh huh (simian mobile disco remix)
test icicles - what's your damage (digitalism remix)
klaxons - gravity rainbow (van she remix)
the valentinos - kafka bag raiders (how d ya like it at five remix)
sebastian - ross ross ross
dj mehdi - hot-o-momo
simian mobile disco vs cristine - i freak
mstrkrft - community revolution in progress
crystal understanding - timmy and tammy (no-noise mix)
alex gopher - motorcycle (wet clutch short edit)
the whip - trash
the chemical brothers - the golden path
kleerup- with every heartbeat
numero - chewing gum fraise

I told you it was good.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Colour me completely lacking in original thought

... because the best I can come up with today is my own take on something Piers wrote about his Desert Island Five.

Ideally I'd just take my iPod and laptop with a handy satellite broadband connection, but I guess that escapes the whole point of the exercise.

So, what five CDs would I take with me on a seemingly endless tenure on a desert island populated by myself and a solared-powered CD player of the indestructible persuasion?

1. Enrico Caruso's turn of the century recording of Leoncavallo's Vesti La Giubba - nothing says eccentric isolation quite like italian opera played fuck off loud in the middle of fucking nowhere (Fitzcarraldo was on to something there) and the song is so moving yet bittersweet.

2. Rhythm and Soul Volume 2 as everyone needs to feel that Motown loving and the second volume of the Rhythm and Soul series was arguably its best and most consistent effort. It is also more varied than one might find on the excellent if hit-and-miss Motown 1's compilation.

3. Curve's Come Clean because Recovery is my all-time favourite song and arguably the reason why I am on my fourth iteration of the CD from wearing out from over-playing the previous copies I'd bought over the years.

4. Sarah McLachlan's Mirrorball tour CD for those moments where I need to bust out a tear to avoid finding myself seeking 'companionship' from the surrounding vegetation. I know the weepy songs are on Surfacing but Mirrorball has a good cross-section of songs from her other albums and she performs them fairly close to their original state. Well certainly closer than can be heard on the Afterglow tour CD.

5. Massive Attack's Collected because Risingson is a kick-ass song and Mezzanine is REALLY hit-and-miss as an album.

As for what books I'd take with me, well that's much easier. James Ellroy's LA quartet (of which the made-into-a-film LA Confidential is the second part) and Lawrence of Arabia's biography of his time in the Middle East.

And with that I could use a gin.

Monday, 8 January 2007

It smells of freeness

With the passing of the new year, so too have there emerged DIY calendars and what glorious calendars they are too.

German designer Team Steven has released the first in a monthly series of CD calendars that you can download and print off for your scheduling needs and for January we get Gundam love.
Niiiiiice. Should be interesting to see what February brings.

And from the designers of art toy Cardboy comes a cardboy calendar that is too cool for school. Download the template for the body and two inner heads, on for January through June and the other July through December.

Kudos to VinylAbuse for the heads-up.

2007 is joy

Christchurch-based DJ Jet Pilot has a new mix up on his blog that rocks me something silly. The playlist reads a little something like...

Headland - Dogging sisters BLAMMA! BLAMMA! mix
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Thee Bang Gang Deejays remix)
Nelly Furtado - Maneater (Crookers rmx)
Teki Latex - Le Martins de Paris (Surkin remix)
The Whip - Muzzle No.1 (Shadow dancer remix)
Muscles - One inch badge pin (Bag raiders mix)
Duchess Says - Black Flag (Pirate soundsystem remix)
Daft Punk - Technologic
Unknown - Axel F Theme (it is NOT Crazy Frog damnit)
Telepopmusik - Smile (sodexomix)
2 raumwohnung - Wir sind de underen (fruhlung 2007)
Dragon Ball Z - Super budaton theme
Para One - Dudun Dun (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Guns’n'bombs - Nothing is getting us anywhere
Orbital - Doctor?
The Futureheads - Skip to the end (Digitalism Remix)

It has Guns'N'Bombs, people. GUNS'N'BOMBS!!!

Amen for this man's excellent taste in music.

Download it now!

Now, people!!!

Don't make me tell you again.

Because we REALLY love CSS

And so should you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the visceral violence that is CSS' hypnotic Alala.

Play it loud people.

I want...

I want The Presets to ask if I'm the one.

I want Justice to say they're my friends.

I want Hot Chip to moan about being a boy from school.

I want Peaches to tell me how the boys wanna be her.

I want Kasabian to rant the reason is treason.

I want The Crystal Method to tell me they're comin' back.

I want Diplo to break out the rhythm.

Which reminds me...

Are we going by Antz or Pantz now?

The Joy of Wine

by Pantz.

------ WORK IN PROGRESS ------

How green are my eyes right now?

Very, is the answer I'm looking for people, for the ever-lovely EKG got to see Mylo play live at Rhythm and Vines.

From the distorted cellphone vid she sent me, it was a great performance from the guy who piked on last year's BDO lineup (something about the flu or pneumonia or near-death - I forget which).

Has he done anything since releasing his album Destroy Rock And Roll a year or so back? I know he's come out with a remixes (his remix of Kylie's I Believe In You is really rather good) but that's about it.

While we're in a critical frame of mind

I was really quite underwhelmed by Christopher Nolan's The Prestige. I'm not saying the film was bad, because it wasn't bad.

Its just that the trailer left me expecting more malice and twists and turns than the film actually delivered.

Another reason the film suffered in my eyes was that film gave away far too much far too early to have even the vaguest semblance of suspense. Which is a shame after Memento showed he was more than capable of delivering.

David Bowie had a brief (if unrecognisable to Pantz) cameo appearance as Nikola Tesla.

I'm not sure what more I can say really.

The things we do

Mister Chris came with me to see the Sam Taylor-Wood exhibition a the City Gallery. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for art appreciation, maybe it was the stonking hangover from the night before, maybe it was the hype that had built up around the exhibition but I was quite frankly underwhelmed. You'll have to ask him what he thought of it.

The video exhbits struck me as pretentious wastes of my time (especially the ugly naked guy jumping around to a soundtrack of very moving classical music - it sounded familiar but I couldn't place it) and the photos didn't do much for me either.

The Crying Men series had a few standout shots but generally seemed to consist of actors looking a bit sad or at best unhappy. The crying shots of Daniel Craig, Forest Whittaker, Laurence Fishburne and *gags* Hayden Christensen were pretty good but as a whole I was unimpressed.

Her other photos were laughable or nonsensical in a boring way. Self Portrait As A Tree was especially art-wank. The one redeeming feature was how well the photos came up as prints on plexiglass.

We then headed upstairs to the Tony Lane exhibition. So not my cup of tea. Less enjoyable than Sam Taylor-Wood.

There was also a Peter Madden exhibition upstairs which was actually quite good. The painted flies were a special treat and looked quite wonderfully ornately done. His other works seemed delightfully fanciful and sure there may have been deep underlying messages about the depiction of nature by the likes of National Geographic but it looked fun. The ram's head with gold-leaf horns, twigs as ears and something in its mouth was pretty cool.

All in all I'm glad I didn't pay for the tickets but was glad for the excursion beyond Thorndon's rarified suburban streets.

The slice of lemon, poppyseed and ricotta cake at Finc afterwards was light, delicately falvoured and moist. Quite simply exquisite. They also stock the blood orange Pellegrino so earn bonus points by my reckoning.

You know you want to come

I'm feeling sociable and hospitable so I'm having some people over for rampant inebriation and the futile staving off of such behaviour through the medium of charred meat products. It's happening this Sunday arvo. The gin is already in the freezer, we have tonic in the fridge and the cucumber is all ready to go on the counter.


There's nothing wrong with making an early start.

If anyone can explain my waking up with a half-empty fanta bottle in the small of my back

... that would be much appreciated.

I could blame Jay for getting me drunk on beer but that would be mean-spirited.

I would like to know how the hell I got home that night. The memory lapses are becoming more and more frequent.

Its all a bit of a worry really.

I don't even like fanta.

Welcome to the dark side

Well Mister Chris has abandoned livejournal for blogspot. Early days yet but the disturbing posts have begun already.

Oh and the flatmate has abandoned his blog on xtra to join the hallowed blogspot hordes as a whore in training.

The question now becomes one of "Who will be next...?" I don't know about you but I'd love to see a floral blog.

Saw Anton. He looked subdued.

As if the adjustment to daylight and mornings wasn't going to be difficult enough, I didn't get home until early this morning. All for a good cause, I assure you. I went with Damoscope to see Cansei De Ser Sexy at SFBH.



They rocked so hard even JJ would have creamed his pants.

Sure one in every five guys there was wearing a transformers t-shirt and sure the crowd was mainly of the hipster persuasion but my god did CSS put on a fantastic show. The crowd went mental from the first song and they managed to do pretty much every song on their one and only CD. Peaches even made an impromptu appearance halfway through Alcohol. Stand-outs remain Music Is My Hot Hot Sex and Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above. Their album doesn't do their live performance justice, which is a shame. The album seems quite soft and tame in comparison to the gritty guitar-heavy sound tsunami that just hits you and keeps rushing to the people behind you.

I took the above photo when they were setting up, and I'm afraid the photos quickly degenerated into the pixelated obscurity as exhbited below, what with all the dancing and jumping around and such.

There were about half a dozen of us singing along really loudly. I didn't know them and I don't think they knew each other, but we all knew the words and the timing and it felt good and right and proper to sing a long. For the record, yes I am tone deaf.

My body is aching something fierce from dancing about like an idiot. Yes that is Twilight Zone shite right there but the occasion demanded it. You can't be up close to the band and stand still. No. That's just wrong.

So So Modern opened and they were chaos in adidas tracksuits gone wrong. Fairly hit-and-miss in their track selection and although suffering from a few technical difficulties, their performance was certainly more polished than the last time I saw them (warm-up for The Kills end of '05).

Last night was the first time I'd been to SFBH since the revamp from Indigo. Seems more swanky now but I'm not sure I like what they've done with the place.

Which reminds me, does anyone know if the Hawthorn Lounge is any good? Damoscope suggested we try it as a pre-gig drinking venue, but we never made it. The bourbons and coke on his veranda looking out at the sunset was too alurring to leave in a hurry.

Stop shaking your head in disgust.

A good guest gratefully accepts whatever he is offered.

Saturday, 6 January 2007

Keep your pants on!

No really, keep them on. Noone wants to see what's going on down there especially as we return to the drudgery of mornings, misery of daylight, agony of rampant sobriety and routine of salaried employment.

I'm working on a few posts so expect a constipated evacuation like you've never seen on here before.

Stay tuned folks. I haven't forgotten you.

And yes pantz, this is all because of your inebriated imperatives delivered through the medium of txt.