Saturday, 30 December 2006

Someone's feeling fecund tonight

and it's not me.

I had to ask for an explanation to work out what it was.

Get up off of this thing!

This wasn't his finest moment but I don't know how better to honour the entertainer that was James Brown than with this hilarious clip of him being interviewed on TV while totally off his face. You can hear the crew laughing behind him as he comes out with one stunning line after another.

He will be missed.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Forgive the ass-kissing, but...

The Acid Girls come up with seriously delicious mixes that leave me wishing I lived in the States to experience their gigs in person, and I mean that in the same way many of Piers' reviews leave me wishing I lived across the Tasman.

Well, Acid Girls' latest effort for a gig they did not so long ago is without a doubt something so deliciously aural that I might very well retreat from society to enjoy it without distractions. Nourishes the soul it does. Well my musical one at least.

Download it.

Enjoy it.

You can thank me later.

I'll accept Meat on Tory duck and shittake mushroom sausages as koha.

I'll have to work out how to thank the lovely ladies behind The Rich Girls Are Weeping for opening my ears to their mixes. I don't think Cindy Hotpoint quite liked the five dollah pussy so I guess I better scratch crochet vagina off the list of potential gifts

I didn't quite understand the bit with the mother though, but that's ok

A few things have cropped up during the last few days that I thought worthy of mention. They include...

Music is my boyfriend

Cansei de Ser Sexy are playing SFBH in January. The posters are up and they look new rave-tastic! So So Modern are playing warm-up and seem to sound better live than their myspace recordings would suggest. Should be a great gig.

Lovefoxxx is all mine bitches! Yes I know she's a woman. No I haven't been stricken by anything unholy. It's just that she's Brazilian and Giselle's Brazilian and I can't imagine a better use for Palmy's 2-for-1 deal on brazilians.

*food mumbles*
The last few days have seen the exploration of a few culinary avenues resulting in among other things a simple yet decadent truffle oil and rock salt lamb rump served on a bed of asparagus and baby broad beans with an onion roux. Dee. Lish. Us. The lamb tasted even better knowing it came off our own farms and processing facility. Being the chairman's son has its perks. Well sometimes at least.

Also ventured into were divine duck and shitake mushroom sausages with harissa spinach noodles. The duck and shitake mushroom sausages and harissa were sourced from boutique butchery Meat on Tory.

The sausages weren't cheap at $29 a kg but my god were they worth every dollar. I don't see them on Meat on Tory's product list so they must be a special item. Swing by and look into investing in a few. Even if only for your own private enjoyment. After all, noone else need know.

If you are like me and don't find yourself in the neighbourhood during open hours, do what I did and find a friend in dire need of groceries from Chaffers Park New World. Works a treat and the old school sausage rolls should more than justify them tagging along for the diversion.

I think I see my house
On the way to POPUP (and let's be honest, we all like going to POPUP) there's an A1 poster up on the wall next to Ernesto's.

Surrounded as it is by promos for gigs and god-knows-what, Wellytown is a hand-drawn illustration of Wellington's skyline and it's done like a colouring book. People have already coloured in a few of the buildings and a couple of the trees. It's really quite cool. Thankfully the designer saved it from becoming dreadfully pretentious by avoiding any semblance of well-meant plumbing of hidden depths and heartfelt intentions. It's public art meets colouring-in book. Plain and simple.


Wellytown designer Miriam Silvester has also designed a brilliant t-shirt like a sheet of lined refill. Would you let me write on you? What would I write? What wouldn't you let me write? Why wouldn't you let me write that? What kind of friend are you?

Viva la Carnivale?
The Cuba St Carnival is back and judging by the murmurs on the streets and local rags, it is looking to be bigger and better than ever. After thoroughly enjoying the chaotic and amatuerish character of the inaugural CstC, I can't help but wonder if it's going too commercial.

Craftwerk seems to have suffered that exact same fate. The first Craftwerk was brilliant because it had stalls manned by people who had no idea of the value of what they were selling, barely made enough items to sell to cover their stall sites, were overjoyed when someone expressed an interest in buying one of their items, and never had enough coins or cash to provide change. I easily spent far too much on god knows what but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was quite happy to spend a considerable amount of time wandering among the stalls. Subsequent Craftwerk events have seen me bored, barely interested in buying anything and out of the venue well before half an hour had passed.

I'd hate for the CstC to end up the same underwhelming experience, but I guess time will tell on that one. If Batucada Sound Machine are playing, then I recommend you go along if only for them.

It smells of newness
I have added a fair few new toys to the collection but I guess those stories are best left elsewhere. Which reminds me, I really should update it more often.

And I maintain in the slow lane
We all know I love Curve. I really do. They were one of my more worthwhile discoveries on MTVUK and 1998's Come Clean remains a high rotation CD on the iPod and the stereo. Well for some reason I felt the need to listen to the last track off Come Clean and my personal favourite of all their songs Recovery. The song was just what I needed a the time, but trawling through the 8000 songs on my iPod to get to it, I noticed that since the late 90s there haven't really been anyone like Curve to come out, well not noticably so. Like Massive Attack and Portishead before them, Curve seem to have become an anachronism for a bygone era of music. Which is a shame really because their music helped shape my musical appreciation and show that although my parents generation don't consider they had any staying power, they still mean something to me when I listen to their music years well beyond their best efforts and eventual breakups.

In honour of Curve, I give you the song that woke me up to their existence. It's probably one of their more well-known songs, especially to Buffy fans. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Chinese Burn

Sunday, 17 December 2006

"For all of you overseas and at home, have a great night"

Billy Idol wasn't kidding when he says "thanks for listening" because oh dear god his carols are a serious struggle to listen to. The urge to laugh uncontrollably is so very quickly over-ridden by the immediate shame that others might hear you listening to his less than sonorous renditions of yuletide classics.

Good' Rockin' Tonight have kindly posted a few of the songs from his Happy Holidays CD with a review that has a similar bent as Mister Chris' own commentary.

Listen if you dare.

Just make sure your nearest and dearest don't know what's going on or they may think less of you.

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Cave Canem

I love Depeche Mode and if we were all being honest I think we would all admit to loving Depeche Mode. For those who refuse to make that short step towards aural truth I can only say that denial looks ugly on you. Stink on shit ugly. Wet hairy ass ugly.

So it makes sense that I'd love Jamelia's Beware of the Dog. I doubt it would be worth listening to if not for the stonking sample from DM's Personal Jesus. So come with me, reach out and touch faith, and people please... beware of the dog.

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Too much going on

Sorry to disappoint.

Should be back soon.


Tuesday, 12 December 2006

We heart DIY

And nothing says DIY quite like online art.

The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art have built a special section of their website devoted to a current exhibition involving the adorable designers and real-life couple Kozyndan.

Commissioned as part of the UK launch of the PS3, the BALTIC Centre have posted a mini-doco of how Kozyndan work, an animated version of the panorama they designed especially for the show as well as a nifty flash player thingamy that lets you create your own Kozyndan original.

How cools is that?!?!?!?!

Very, is the answer I'm looking for people.

Click the image below to get a better look at their latest panorama.

Monday, 11 December 2006

This public service announcement comes to you courtesy of the number 3

"Stop stealing my schtick or pay me royalties! Did you just call me purple? Bitch, I will scratch out your eyes!"

Say it with me people...




Nothing to see here people

Ok folks, crisis averted.

It took me a while but I finally worked out why I couldn't go to BDO. I've already booked myself for a roadtrip to Waipuk with Her Floralness behind the wheel that weekend for Mr Brown's 25th birthday celebrations.

A week of festivities by all accounts. One would almost think Waipuk had made it a town holiday. Nothing surprises me about provincial New Zealand and the triumphal if temporary return of its prodigal sons.

Why? Does She have a penis?

Some people have all the fun.


The Joy of Christmas Albums

By Mister Chris

Christmas albums are evil.

They're up there on the 'it could be shit' list along with cover and concept albums, though occasionally there is the odd exception but even still their consumption should be relegated to one day a year.

One-off Christmas songs can be fun, but the mere existence of the Christmas album proves that such things should be taken in small quantities. Throughout her career Tori Amos has recorded two well-known yuletide tunes as b-sides but thankfully has stayed away from the notion of an album's worth of Christmas cheer. I play her rendition of
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas every Christmas morning, firstly because I feel stupid playing it on any other day, and secondly it's a rendition so haunting that it transcends its traditional connotations. She suffered a miscarriage around that time of the year and so her rendition is tinged with pained irony.

Some acts are just destined to have a go at recording a Christmas album; they're usually the ones with a predominant fan base of females aged 40+. Such albums make no artistic statement, all the songs are written waiting to be handpicked, and they're probably dirt-cheap to make; just grab a couple of sleigh bells and slap them over midi backing track and away we ho ho ho. It's Christmas: it's all about the money. The albums fly out of the stores making the record companies a little extra dosh and they can flog the same product year after year.

When I worked at Tower during the Christmas season, we would sell shitloads of Christmas albums, both those recorded by established artists and even moreso of the budget compilations recorded by session musicians that you find in supermarkets and The Warehouse. Why would people want to fill their houses with carols when they had basically soundtracked their entire shopping trip? Were they not on the verge of vomiting like me?

I see that Billy Idol has released a Christmas album through his website and if you haven't already seen the cover you should Google it for a little chuckle. What he should've done was record White Christmas to the tune of White Wedding.

that I would listen to.

... and the word for the day is "wow"

Mangymechboy is engaged.

Married in 2008.

Maybe in 2008.

I'm still processing the news.

I'm still processing the good news.

And it is good news.

Just taken by surprise is all.




How much are flights to Hong Kong these days?

Friday, 8 December 2006

Call me a moron

... but in converting this blog to blogger beta it seems something or someone has fucked up a lot of the settings I originally had, hence why it looks like shit.

Jesus wept and then wreaked vengeance upon Gethsemaneh!!!

Two words people... Fuck. Nuts.

Oh for fucks sake

Ok. I knew The Killers were coming to BDO. I knew Tool and Muse were coming to BDO. Mister Chris told me that Diplo and Hot Chip were coming to BDO.

So, why the fuck didn't anyone tell me about Kasabian or The Crystal Method or Justice or The Presets?!?!?!?!?!

Don't tell me the reason is treason. I don't care that you're keeping hope alive. So what if you are my friends. No I'm not the one you've seen sometimes on TV.

You'll never get to see guys like Justice or The Presets unless you stalk them around the world. I'll never get to see guys like Justice or The Presets unless I stalk them around the world!!!

Stalking is so not cool my friends. It's lost out to txt and online bullying in the last few years, and I'm not feeling a comeback anytime soon.

*whines* JUSTICE!!!!

*splutters* THE PRESETS!!!!

*sobs like he's never sobbed before*

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

This is what I should have been enjoying last Saturday night at Sandwiches

There ain't no panky quite like Skanky Panky.


Can you hear it?

Listen closely.

It's buried deep within Benny and the Jets.


It's the flapping of limp wrists being carried on the breeze from the Stadium.

I don't hear screeching from all the gay guys who think its Sing-a-Long with Elton tonight. That should come later.

You make me want to be a man

BIGSTEREO are running a Readers Poll on the hottest songs, albums, record labels and artists of 2006.

Three words people...




Well unless you don't recognise any of them, in which case you really shouldn't vote at all lest you end up cancelling my votes. That would not be cool. Not cool at all.

I had a fair bit of trouble on settling on particular options as so many of the nominations rate very highly on the iPod and my current tastes in music. There are obvious reader preferences from the nominations as a number of artists and songs seem to repeat through the different categories, but thats ok. Good work deserves to be appreciated.

I know kung fu

Does ordering the same thing for lunch two days in a row constitute the emergence of a culinary obssession?

... food for thought.

*belches po'boy aromas towards those around him*

Oops, my bad.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Today, we had lunch at Sweet Mother's Kitchen

I had a turkey po'boy with fries. The po'boy had stuffing. STUFFING!!!

So gooooooooood. I feel so very fat and so very content with the world.

How you doing?

Should be tablariffic

I was a sucker for the Asian Undergound sound of the late 90s. I was all about Talvin, Nitin Sawhney, Asian Dub Foundation, Joi, Black Star Liner, State of Bengal. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was the qawwali king and these were his musical progeny. I couldn't get enough of it.

And then Massive Attack was no longer cool, Portishead stopped with Live in NYC and people started listening to *gags* Oasis.

Anywho, Talvin Singh is playing Sandwiches this Friday night. I might go. Should be good.

Monday, 4 December 2006

More considered post-weekend reaction

I don't remember too much from the last three or four days but then not a lot happened in the last couple days so not really worth panicking about rampant memory loss quite yet.

Much love to Her Floralness for coming down for a truly fantastic Friday night of as Mister Chris described as fine art, fine wine, fine company and damn if she wasn't fine on Friday night, sans whine.

We did drinks and tiny nibbles at Matterhorn (what's up with the almost gothic christmas decorations of entangled lifeless doves?) before heading off to Seymour's solo exhibition at SFTWM and CWRUs favourite POPUP.

It was a case of walking in, finding yourself overwhelmed by the awesome artwork and plushies and badges and postcards and then finding yourself mentally calculating on how little money you actually needed to survive 'til next pay day. I could only afford a set of postcards after spending up at the store the day before. Air Piracy was pretty cool (and had me debating for a fair amount of time whether i wanted to pay the rent for the next couple weeks or take the print home with me that night) as was Polar Kibbutz (Antz didn't know what a kibbutz was *sniggers*). Mister Chris really should have bought Manbot and I'm quite jealous that Antz got himself a Pants plushie.

We then headed back to my pad on a bus. Yes a bus. You can pick yourselves up from the floor. Some of us stopped by Thorndon New World on a tonic water run. I think at some stage we followed a guy around the frozen foods section but the memory gets a bit sketchy from here. What I can recall is that AJ's back got the better of him, Antz was screaming about five genres in one NIN song, Mister Chris was singing along to Tegan & Sara, superpotent g&t's from the barman Antz, the lovely EKG looking super-fine in a borrowed ensemble and Her Floralness crashing home around 4am.

Saturday was punctuated by fucking noisy kids, breakfast on the couch a la Fran, a brief visit from the Adorable Newbie, and plenty o' napping. Suffice to say I felt too shit to go to Kid Koala but it wasn't until I heard the Legal Drug Dealer had already pocketed the last couple tickets to the gig that I got really depressed. Which reminds me, what the fuck was with all the fireworks that night. Oh. My. Fucking. God. Much like the similarly hungover Adorable Newbie, I too hoped that was the Taleban carpet bombing the festive little fuckers.

Sunday was Tv on the couch day. I rmember putting the first disc in at lunchtime. Next thing we knew it was 10:30 at night. We finished sometime this morning. Well I did at least.

Good times. Lazy times. My bodyclock is so fucked times. We really must do this again sometime.

Initial post-weekend reaction

I'm really not coping today what with the weather effecting all over me a body clock telling me I should be in bed, and you know what? It's only lunchtime.

What can I say?

The weekend took a lot out of me.

Friday, 1 December 2006

< insert giddy fanboy dance here >

Kid Koala.


Saturday night.

Can I get a "YUSS!!!"?