Tuesday, 28 March 2006

If I don't return on Friday...

what will you people do without me...?

not sure you're meant to eat them though!

Things I want right now...

  • Weird chicks to stop staring at me when I'm drinking my apple juice at Astoria.
  • Weird guys to stop checking me out when I'm drinking earl grey tea at Astoria.
  • American cruise-ship tourists to stop ruining my gnocchi experience at Astoria.
  • Friends of a financial disposition with which one can enjoy lunch at Astoria.
  • Friends of a financial disposition with which one could enjoy lunch at Astoria sans complaints about the noise, prices, imagined snootiness of the establishment and its clientele.
  • That studio apartment around the corner from Moore Wilsons.
  • An HD-TV.
  • A decent nights sleep.

Oh I'm sorry, what would would you want?

Monday, 27 March 2006

Laid back... laid baaaaaack

Right now my iPod is loving...

  • Hot Chip (Over and Over has become almost hypnotic)
  • White Rose Movement (Headphone Sex put me on to killer track London's Mine - download it while you can!)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah's (Gold Lion and its many remixes haunt me as I type)
  • Editors live in... well.. somewhere (their acoustic cover of Gorillaz song Feels Good Inc. for KCRW is both scary and wrong)
  • Royksopp live in Oslo (What Else Is There? is a special treat)
  • Goldfrapp vs Depeche Mode with Jesus Was My Personal Trainer
  • Tiga's beatlicious Good As Gold (Zdar Dub)
  • Jacque Lu Cont and Junkie Xl remixes of Coldplay's Talk (definite improvements on a dreadful song by a dreadful group)
  • Portobella's funktastic Freakin' In Stereo
  • We Are Scientists (I'm with Mister Chris on this one - how could anyone not like kittens?)

Songs your iPod may not want anytime soon include...
  • Coldplay covering Kylie (I still can't get that song out of my head!!!)
  • Sugababes covering Arctic Monkeys (sadly better than the original)
  • Arctic Monkeys covering Girls Aloud
  • Bloc Party vs The Killers (Somebody Stole Your Beat? Now that's some wrong shit right there)
  • Pink's Stupid Girls

On another note entirely, the new Massive Attack song Live With Me is rather good even if it does hark back to the Massive attack of old. Think Blue Lines. I'm trying to track down the special edition but from what Mister Chris says that may require some effort on my part.

Volume two of Mister Chris' mix CD series Musical Goodness is rather spesh with remixes of The Kills, Royksopp and a delightful Depeche Mode cover by Charlotte Martin.

Jay thinks Kylie should be added to the thats-so-wrong list. I figure the Divine Miss K is a guilty pleasure for good reason.

The delightful Ants has a penchant for the darker music of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and Skinny Puppy. And to think he seemed such a nice boy when he sold me sexy cufflinks.

Oh and Her Floralness is in line for another mix CD from the His Whoreness presents... series.

That's about it from the music desk, we now return you to Bob with the latest in sport...

Like arse. But wikd nite!

This is my new toy. It wasn't the basic pack everyone else went for either. I'm gonna be so poor until payday. Thankfully I now have another more... wholesome reason for the panda eyes every morning.

Now that's some wrong shit

From our Fieldays adventure a few weeks back, in the land of drunken first years and scary white people, comes this...

Ok so it was daylight savings back then and the camera adjusted to the poor light but this is quite sad for a Thursday night in Palmerston North.

Trust Palmerston North to put a Bendon Lingerie, a Hallensteins and a Supre right next to each other.

I brought back an issue of the Manawatu Standard but Ants happily accepted it as "the worst present ever". Such gratitude!

Friday, 3 March 2006

Not the hungriest bear in the forest

I can't think of anything substantive to post about except that today has REALLY dragged on and the obligatory visits to Astoria may have made my day all the prettier (rein in the ego there Mr Brown!) but such eyecandy has proved scant compensation for such a laborious day.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

You didn't!! NAUGHTY


Twice in the one day.

Blame Mr Brown for the first visit.

Blame their afternoon menu for the second visit.

Oh dear lord.

I need to find somewhere else to eat.

No I'm not going to anything in the festival.

Not even if Telecom wants me to bring a partner.

Not worth the grief.


No sirree bob.

Today is Go By Bike Day.

I didn't care either.

This month's Cuisine magazine is full of boring recipes for boring Italian food by boring Italian people now living in New Zealand.

Not good.