Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Glutton for punishment

Ok so maybe the last four days have been a physiological nightmare for me. Looking on the bright side I've at least stopped whimpering for a quick end. Scary but true.

One of the many things I've noticed while being laid-up in bed is that there is no possible posture that eases one's suffering when every joint is on fire. but true.

Another thing I've noticed is that counting the dimples in the ceiling really is more interesting than watching daytime TV. Sad but true.

I've also learnt that going without food for four days hasn't exactly left me the very model of a biafrin child, but neither has left me starving. Odd but true.

It is amazing what the body will do to avoid crawling up a flight of stairs to the nearest bathroom. Gross but true.

1950s Japanese samurai comics make the best reading when suffering fever-induced delirium. French sequels to half-decent thrillers do not make the best watching when suffering fever-induced delirium.

No amount fo pharmaceuticals returns ones grasp of balance and co-ordination. Just ask the massive paw prints around the office as I bounce from wall to wall.

Moral of the story? Stay in bed instead of coming in to work.

So sayeth the Whore

Friday, 26 August 2005

Oh and before I forget...

Hotnut has come out of hiding and all I can say is its about bloody time!

Oh the licentious times we used to share...

He says he doesn't do blogs so I thought I might as well post an old pic of him in case he does happen past.

You know what they say about big feet now don't ya?

My apologies for the long post

This is unfortunately what happens when neglects their modest yet loyal readership for more than a day.

Thursday, 25 August 2005

He was brown sugar like your dad

Well this week has been quite the corner dairy dollar mixture from a time when a dollar got you more than two rather ugly and misshapen harry potter sour gummies.

The spending has been near obscene with some of the purchases requiring amounts that threaten the likelihood of achieiving drunken revelry come next Friday.

That notwithstanding my behaviour of late has become rather nana-esque. Largely for reasons I'd rather not go into right now, but it is interesting that the ferocity in one's social life seems to have little bearing on one's finances. Well mine at least if this last week is anything to go by.

Which is interesting because logic and common sense would suggest that plenty o' going out would abnormally diminish one's financial holdings. Ok so maybe its not THAT interesting to you but I happen to find it dreadfully intriguing.

Adding more variety to the happy bag of lollies is the emergence of more difficult crosswords in both the Herald and Dominion Post. Tradition has generally established the Dominion Post crossword as the daily warm-up act for the more challenging Herald crossword, but recent editions have seen both myself and pinstripes stumped to an extent not seen since hangovers in times past. I steadfastly refuse to accept any diminished capacity to complete crosswords. Call it denial if you must but god damn they are difficult to complete.

Quiz nights have re-emerged as a regular thing around here as well with Tuesday night seeing a team sans moi finishing sixth in a spread of what has been helpfully described as "lots" of what I can only presume to be teams. The promise of a ringer from the South now has them calling for a rematch to reclaim their beaten pride and tattered honour at the Black Harp's Quiz Night this coming Tuesday. The outcome should be interesting if not inebriating.

Oh and Levi has helpfully described a new t-shirts website called Defunker. Although many of the designs are remarkably similar to those on Threadless many of the designs look rather fetching. So much so I may have to fetch a few shirts. Well that or ogle some of the models. The only niggling problem with I have with Defunker, and I can't believe I'm about to type this, is that the shirts on Defunker are easily a good US$5-10 more expensive than Threadless.

Getting back to Levi can I just say that the manlove homage to pinstripes verged on the disturbing, even to this outsider to their social circles. The weird tangent on to the subject of pink bits was... well... weird.

Moving on, Mister Chris has finally taken possession of His Whoreness Presents... Volume One, the first of many mix cds I hope to prep and package. We had a look-see at some fantastically packaged items at Unity Books soon after he shouted a rather tasty lunch at Miyabi on Willis Street. There was a short story anthology packaged in such a way as it was just the coolest thing we'd seen. I'd describe it at length but that would probably bore you to tears and forever brand me as a geek.

That would be bad and a gross misrepresentation.

Speaking of gross misrepresentations yes that was me on 3News Wednesday night and no I did not know they would have the temerity to fill the screen with my dead sexy self looking bored and attentive. That said, better the screened a shot of me looking on than when we were stuffing ourselves at the buffet lunch. Oddly enough a number of conversations at the lunchbreak commented that TV crews always tended to shoot scenes of us "rich, fat, white capitalists" stuffing our faces. Pigs at the trough anyone?

Sad but true.

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

I spent most of the day stuck in a windowless room breathing recycled air

But at least the muffins for morning tea were quite nice. Especially the chocolate chip muffins. Very light and airy with nodes of molten chocolate.

The lunch was much better than has been experienced for previous events there, but then plated dishes tend to be less appealling than the free-for-all that is buffet.

Yes Mistress Z I did eat fruit and I know that Landfill can vouch for my eating an apple. Not quite 5-plus-a-day but getting there.

Kudos to the kitchen at Wellington's Hotel Intercontinental.

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

I need a drinks fridge in my office

God damn I hate sunlight!

Damn stuff keeps warming my coke!

Yes I will tidy my office when I get around to working out where everything should go. The disco ball is proving quite the spatial nightmare right now. Where to hang it from?

Monday, 22 August 2005

Another day, another dollar

So teddy has a new home and he seems happier. I haven't joined him yet but thats life when it comes to moving around.

I popped down to Sounds Midland Park during my lunch break and would have bought a CD there if they could find it. Things haven't been the same since Nicole left and she only left last week. She was pretty good at the other Sounds on Lambton Quay. So good I followed her to Midland Park when she shifted to run the smaller store there. I of course mean that in a non-stalker sense entirely. Nicole was great for recommending new and interesting CDs I should listen to and 9 times out of 10 she was right on the ball.

Where am I meant to go now for advice on new and interesting CDs? Pinstripes has already had an unhealthy influence on my iPod's content and I've got enough Kylie to last me a fair while.

Which reminds me... recently uploaded on to the iPod are the 2003 effort from Crystal Method called Legion of Boom, Tiga's bash at a DJ Kicks compilation, Miss Kittin's more recent effort I Com and a few other efforts that now escape me.

Friday, 19 August 2005

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Today I learned...

I have aptitude for other career paths.

Such as furniture removal, interior design, shop buyer of ball gowns for persons from far off lands and counsellor for those who find themselves in tricky situations.

Pity they wouldn't pay well enough to support my champagne lifestyle. Call me Bubbles... everyone else does.

Sad and not true. At all.

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Virus wine!!!

The Viva section of today's New Zealand Herald says the 2004 Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir is selling for NZ$23-24, which is pretty good if its anywhere near as good as their 2003 vintage.

This is the label to the 2003 vintage.

The whole idea of drinking virus wine (Central Otago has quite a problem with rabbits and even went so far as to decimate the population by releasing the calicivirus - worked quite well) quite endearing and simply had to buy a bottle or four or five and to be honest I'm very glad I did. Its quiet a light and simple red that works with quite a varied range of dishes. I find it much more enjoyable than heavier red wines along the lines of cabernet and merlot.

Not that I'm a wine snob or anything. I just know I enjoy drinking pinot noir. My behaviour after the pinot noir tasting session at the Savour NZ Conference a few months back is fitting testament to that.

So, search it out in a bottle store near you and enjoy with a meal of venison or soemthing similarly gamey.

I know I will.

"Is there a day goes by that you don't buy something?"

Ok so maybe I popped out this morning to get something to eat and came back with a couple CDs (The Tears: Here Come the Tears and Grand National: Kicking the National Habit).

And ok so maybe I popped out during my lunch break to get something to eat and came back with a DVD (Goldfrapp: Wonderful Electric Live in London) and a couple books (Taschen Special Edition Design in the 20th Century and The Hedonists Handbook).

I did look at my iTunes layout and have worked out I've loaded 21 CDs in the last 4 weeks onto my iPod, all of which were purchased at Real Groovy or Sounds Midland Park. I'm not sure how many books or DVDs I've bought in the same period. I can at least say I've only bought one game since my Xbox crapped out on me. Surely that counts for something!

I'm not sure if I want to answer EKG's rather pointed question of my spending habits.

Sad but true.

This one is for all the straight boys out there

Shame she can't act.

So the seamster and I saw Sin City last night

At Hoyts.

We tried to see it at Reading but my tardy arrival meant we had to seek satisfaction elsewhere. Well that or watch something dreadful like The Island *shivers*. So we found ourselves at Hoyts. I don't think I'd been there in almost 7 years. Certainly not since Reading opened. Anywho, the theatre was only half full and, despite the noisy Americans a few rows behind us, rather well-behaved.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed Sin City.

Stylistically I thought the movie was incredible. Not only did it look like the books brought to life, but the sporadic injections of colour helped nuance storylines built on the tiny details.

The chop and change approach to editing between the three storylines left a little to be desired as it wasn't altogether obvious what was happening when in relation to the other storylines.

Some of the dialogue was fairly clunky but then that was typical of the whole noir theme. Same goes for the monologues.

As far as the performances went Jessica Alba was nice to look at but terrible at delivering lines. Mickey Rourke was the standout performer as Marv. Battered, bruised and covered in almost flourescent bandages (a very nice green-screen effect) Marv had the best lines ("I know its not normal to eat people"), had the best scenes (taking down Kevin at the farm) and the better of the three storylines.

Remembering that the inspiration for Sin City was drawn from Frank Miller's books of the same name, the film was almost cartoonish in its graphic use of violence. Whether it was Miho slicing and dicing or Marv punching a guy's head through a brick wall it all seemed so appropriate to the material they were drawing from, which is something I appreciated.

With the sequel in pre-production it will be interesting to see which of the four remaining books will be used. Actually I'm more interested in whether Marv is resurrected for the sequel as I am loving the big lugs prosthetic face!

In a purely non-sexual sense of course. The big-and-strong-type don't do anything for me I'm afraid. He's also a bit old for me I'm afraid. Well that and a fictional character.

I think I'll stop now.

Sad but true.

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

The most exquisite books on the planet

Renowned for releasing coffee table books covering the gamut of various themes (art, architectures, fashion) and motifs (erotica, record covers, male nudes), German publishing house Taschen produces books that prove to be excellent sources of inspiration for the more creatively inclined and social cachet for the more materially inclined.

Well to celebrate their 25th anniversary they have reprinted a number of their more general titles at greatly discounted rates with normally NZ$100plus books now at the decidedly accessible NZ$30.

I know this because I went to buy pens at Whitcoulls whereupon I happened upon the stunning Architecture Now! and I knew it would look so very good on the bookshelf next to the dead sexy Morocco Styles and oh so alluring Islamic Architecture. So I bought it. The special editions of Male Nudes and Forbidden Erotica were similarly alluring but I'm afraid the structural form won out in the end.

Just as an FYI for you ,some of the other special edition titles on offer include 20th Century Photography, Best Movies of the 90s, Fashion Now, The Golden Age of Advertising - the 50s and Women Artists.

I'm keeping an eye out for the Scandinavian Design special edition.

So, find yourself in a bookstore sometime soon and check out the art books section so you can pick up a Taschen... or two.

I was going to write a treatise in response to the lead item in today’s Dominion Post

But I couldn’t be bothered really.

Carless days? Rationing? Telecommuting? Car-pooling? Maximum purchase limits at the pump?

People please! Let the market rule. If poor people need to walk so I can catch a cab then so be it.

Sad but true.

Monday, 15 August 2005

Call me Bubbles darling... everyone else does

Despite Prime's belated decision only last week to can the less than impressive Paul Holmes Show, they seem steadfastly resolute to screening BBC gem Little Britain at the absurd time of 9:50pm on Sunday nights. I mean honestly! What the hell kind of timeslot is 9:50pm!!! Sad but true.

Saturday saw me out at the Porirua Megacentre. Yes. Porirua. And I drove too. I'm not THAT much of a whore that I'd catch a cab out there. Sad but true.

Parallel Imported Ltd have a big store out there so I checkout some of the new toys they've brought into the country. The Motorola Black Viser V3 was especially alluring. Oh if only I didn't have such a new cellphone already! Shame about all the pregnant mums salivating over discount perfume and their car modders salivating over car stereo and dvd systems. Sad but true.

EKG says she spotted me as she fled in horror from the sheer scale of the Megacentre. Sad but true.

Seeing as how Mister Chris kindly put together a mix CD for me, I decided to work on an appropriate response. And "His Whoreness Presents... Volume One" is my 2-CD set response in handmade packaging. No jewel cases here my friends. I enjoyed the design challenge of designing and then constructing sensible packaging and to be honest I spent a lot more time on that than picking out the songs for the playlists. Sad but true.

Mix CDs I've got in the pipeline for Maplelicious and Mechboy (unrelated) should keep me preoccupied for a while yet. Sad but true.

Thursday, 11 August 2005

Another Wellington photoessay

Cuba Street side of the Adult Shop corner of Cuba and Vivian.

Am I the only one that thinks it odd to offer vibrating condoms to guys who obviously settle for magazines over the real thing?

Can't remember where I saw this. I think it was down on Cuba Street next to Valve.

Should I buy it? I know the movie was beyond crap but I already have the original Japanese trilogy and the American remake of the first one.

My office desk next to Howard the Moose.

I told you it looked good.

This is Howard.

Howard the moose and a friend from Hawkes Bay.

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Bereft of blondeness

Four days don't seem quite long enough when our south pacific floral wonder joined us down here in our nation's capital.

We had cocktails in dimly lit bars, giggly goodness in the office next door and dancing in the doorframes to Electric Six.

But alas.

We have no more happy, giggly goodness in the office next door.

We have no more dancing away in the doorframe to Electric Six.

A cute little disco ball the only treasured keepsake of her whirlwind visit.

Next time come down for the whole week please darling.

You're missing all the action underneath my table

So Mister Chris was kind enough to put together a sampler of some very nutritious musical goodness for me. Garbed in resplendently gorgeous home-made packaging Musical Goodness Vol. 1 Aug 05 boasts 19 tracks by 13 artists, namely:

Loves Takes Over Me, Kylie Minogue
Clutch, Shea Seger
Nieghbourhood #2 (Laika), Arcade Fire
Crown of Love, Arcade Fire
So Jealous, Tegan & Sara
You Wouldn’t Like Me, Tegan & Sara
Primitive (The Way I Treat You), Ambulance Ltd
The Score, Sarah Slean
Eliot, Sarah Slean
Let It Die, Feist
Hyperballad (Fluke Mix), Bjork
Big Time Sensuality (Fluke Minimix), Bjork
Headlock, Imogen Heap
Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap
Undertow, Ivy
Devil Inside, Utada
Inferno High Love, Kelli Ali
Bossa Nova, Shivaree
New Casablanca, Shivaree

Yes the mix is abundant with female vocalists and yes I may have only heard of a few of the songs but on the whole it’s a rather enjoyable listen.

Stand-out efforts include Utada’s Devil Inside, Ivy’s Undertow (I am seriously loving Ivy) and Shea Seger’s Clutch. The Fluke Mixes of Bjork’s Hyperballad and Big Time Sensuality were pretty good too but then I’ve always been a sucker for Fluke (no pun intended). Their latest effort Puppy is pretty damn good in Risotto kinda way.

I thought it was amazing how similar Imogen Heap sounded to Frou Frou until Mister Chris pointed out they were one and the same. D’oh!

Oh and Kelli Ali sounds just like Kylie. The song Inferno High Love sounded just like a Kylie track too in an Impossible Princess kinda way.

All in all a very enjoyable keepsake. My response will need a lot more attention to better the standard already set. Bastard!

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Ok so maybe I do watch too much TV but...

Am I the only guy in this country that thinks it sucks some serious ass that uber-newsanchor, expatriate Canadian and TV legend Peter Jennings died yesterday?

This man saw me through more late nights than I care to mention and always with a smile and the occasional oot and aboot.

Have a Lebats on me buddy! Late nights won't be the same without you on the screen.

Reporting live from the cash register

Interesting to see the Dominion Post report this morning that the Managing Director of Kirkcaldies and Stains Ltd has “retired” for “health reasons” to pursue some of his “long-time interests” in Auckland.

Interesting in the sense the announcement comes so soon after what this consumer whore could only politely describe as the most disappointing sale Kirks has put together in the last seven or so years. Typically Wellingtonian cynicism leaves one wondering whether the obvious abundance of unsold sale items proved to be the proverbial straw that broke the Board’s patience with the management of this Wellington Institution.

It has been fairly common knowledge around town that Kirks has struggled to adapt to the changing business environment on Lambton Quays Golden Mile. The clear shift towards promoting established overseas brands, as well as the expansion into the Harbour City Centre showed the company was forging in new directions to capture many of the dollars that were flowing into the ever-growing plethora of overseas chain stores.

To many though these and other changes have come at a cost.

The swing away from smart womenswear for those of more advanced years has proved especially problematic women with many having to travel far and wide outside the city boundaries to find clothing they feel comfortable wearing. I don’t mean elderly women looking for nanawear. I mean those women in their 40s and 50s who want to look good without suffering the indignity of hipster jeans and midriff-bearing tops of the far-too-form-fitting variety. Kirks had traditionally met this consumer need and met it well and with the end run of leases for stores selling similar clothing on the Golden Mile this is one business opportunity Kirks let slip and, I would argue, to their detriment.

Another factor invariably affecting the company’s performance is the ever-diminishing quality of the sale items for Kirks staple half-yearly sales. The recent practice of introducing new products solely for the sale only cheapens the established experience I and other Kirks appreciators had come to expect: the ecstatic purchase of much coveted in-house items at greatly reduced prices.

Similarly, I can remember the days when hordes of women would travel from far and wide to come to the Wellington for the sale with disinterested husbands reluctantly dragged along to carry the purchases. I can even remember the days when cars would endlessly circle the Kirks block in the vain hopes of finding a carpark or at least somewhere to stop to pick up madame’s purchases. I can remember trying to fight my way through menswear while women of much more diminutive stature threatened my health and fertility. The body bruises were always a worthwhile price for spending far too much money in quality goods.

But alas that is no longer the case.

I would have been lucky to spend more than $20 at the Kirks Sale just happened. Popping along at different times during the day (across different days) there did not look to be any more people than there normally would be during the week. The amount of floor space taken up by sale items was similarly disappointing, let alone the massive banks of the same undesirable products.

For a consumer whore perpetually tempted by the act of shopping as much as the owning of material objects, something must be seriously wrong with the way Kirks goes about its sales.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Kirks and not all of the changes have been bad moves. The expansion of the cuisine aisle in the main building to a whole multi-store area in the Harbour City Centre was an excellent move. Expansion into more fresh product like imported cheeses, specialty meats and Bordeaux baguettes was inspired and always proves too tempting for His Whoreness to avoid. One can almost see dollar signs in the grins of the staff there whenever I walk in.

Its just that shopping at Kirks used to be special. It used to be an experience and a pleasurable one at that. Sure things cost a lot but you were getting good value for money.

I just wish Kirks could go back to being more than just another department store in Wellington. We already have a Farmers store across the road.

Monday, 8 August 2005

Love, love will tear us apart again

So like a couple french guys who call themselves Nouvelle Vague have redone 80s punk and new wave classics as bossa nova lounge and 60s pop tunes and they are pretty good if you can get over the Guns of Brixton being so very not like the Clash classic. Resplendent with sultry vocals it makes for some very relaxed listening.

Apparently they've done a few albums. I have this one...

I bought it this morning so things will be a bit tight until pay day this Thursday.

Friday, 5 August 2005

Would you wear this?

I told you Damo's phone put mine to shame

I want one too.

Feeling uninspired

So, Damo has a new cellphone that puts mine to shame.

Uh huh.

And I cashed in a lot of 5 and 10 cent coins.

Bought a book with the cash.

Uh huh.

And the canneloni I had for lunch didn't taste too good.

Dr Pepper made it all better.

Apparently the locum at the nearby med centre has huge tits.


Thats about it to be honest.

Thursday, 4 August 2005

I wish I could eat the salt off of your lost faded lips

Saw Interpol last night with Mister Chris, the Seamster and what seemed to be everyone in Wellington under the age of 30. No sign of the little man or Sleepy Hollows but then it was difficult to pick people out in the crowd.

The Demiwhores opened for Interpol. Sounded kinda like Weta to me but they weren't anywhere near as good as Weta was. The screeching got a bit much. After the second song the poms to my left started shouting "He's a terrorist!" and "Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!" before launching into an argument amongst themselves as to whether or not the lead singer was Brazilian. Some guy off to the right kept screaming "You fucking suck!" Amen to that brother!

Anywho, at around 10 Interpol came to the stage and for the next 90 minutes were quite simply... well... incredible. Sound, staging, song choice and being so close to them on stage... wow! It was worth it just to hear Slow Hands played live! I was thinking afterwards they should have finished with it but then we probably would have destroyed the venue.

Some observations:
1. I'm not sure I can listen to their CDs anymore without being disappointed
2. I shouldn't have to wait in a line - I am neither poor nor English
3. Standing for 5 hours plays havoc with the circulation in one's feet
4. I wasn't the oldest person there (although it was touch and go for a while)
5. Not drinking at a gig means avoiding small bladder syndrome
6. The organisers are sadists for making us walk up a flight of steps to get out of Union Hall
7. I was ID'ed for the first time ever and don't see what the big problem is
8. One's hearing does return and the tinitis-esque ringing goes away in the morning
9. Body bruises are a touching souvenir from a great night out
10. The body sweat of those around you is not such a touching souvenir

Oh and it seems the Seamster has fallen for Carlos.

He's the scary one on the far right.

I don't see it myself.

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

You make me want to pick up a guitar

So... Interpol tonight.

Should be good.

Shame about the venue.

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Oh the humanity!

Numero uno: Pinstripes has an almost virginal cashmere scarf

I wonder if its pumpkin...

Numero dos: Mister Chris has ordered the same t-shirt as myself

We'll have to schedule who gets to wear the shirt when or who knows what fashion horrors we'll end up inflicting on the poor innocent people of Wellington.

Numero tres: My xbox going kerphutt in my hours of need

Here I am trying to stave off an infection cruelly forced upon me by the hacking coughs and inconsiderate ignorance of personal hygiene of Wellington's many contagious masses and my xbox decides to pack it in after owning it less than a year. Looking online for possible remedies it seems this is fairly commonplace and that Microsoft refuses to fix it under their warranty let alone accept they have sold defective products.

That said, it does look good next to the TV.

I might have to buy a replacement xbox.

Numero cuatro: Writing off over $200 in film festival tickets

Who would have thought killing off a relationship would mean writing off 16 film festival tickets. Not me. And I really wanted to see some of them too. Just wasn't worth the risk of running into him.

Certainly made the "how many films did you see last night?"-type conversations particularly unbearable.

Numero cinco: Finding a bar that stocks pertsovka is like pulling teeth

And I don't want to look like some hick from the land that got beat by the ugly stick just to get my fix of pepper-infused vodka!

Spicy with heat served ice cold in a shot glass. Perfection.

Numero seis: The dire state of daytime TV these days

According to the office pedant the plots on Days of Our Lives were much better 10 years ago. This is what happens when we don't have General Hospital.

Oh and talkshows turned crap when Donohue went off the air. I'm talking pre-Sally Jesse here people. Before Oprah thought her shows were too good for the freaks of society and before she embraced celebrity interviews and the whole lets-be-better-people-together approach.

Give me a moment while I throw up in honour of what daytime TV used to be.

Numero siete: Early nights in Hamilton

I'm sorry but 8:00pm on a weeknight is no excuse for every bar and restaurant in Hamilton to close up and force this whore to walk almost nine blocks to find a place capable of satisfying one's coke cravings. I mean people please. I had to walk to a petrol station of all places.

No jokes about streetwalkers please. I've more than had my fill.

Numero ocho: ID checks at pharmacies

I would have thought coughing and spluttering all over the over-made-up staff at your nearest pharmacy (can anyone explain to me why pharmacy staff always wear far too much makeup?) would have been a dead giveaway for one's dire need of pseudoephedrine to rescue one from near death.

But alas.

Government regulations say I need to provide ID and allow my contact details to be recorded in what I can only presume to be a central register. Now I appreciate being made to feel like a criminal as much as the next guy and Yes I do enjoy pseudoephedrine products but some us do use pseudoephedrine to get better.

Crazy I know but its true.

Scouts honour.

Scratch that.

Whores honour.

No Dolly Parton jokes please.

Numero nueve: Backstreet Boys making a comeback

I saw a music video of these guys 'acting' bereft and anguished in the middle of nowhere. That someone was there with a video camera to capture the moment and share with the rest of us only goes to show Nietzsche was kinda right. There is no god.

Numero diez: Really long posts on blogs

Brevity is the key to good communication.

And thats enough of the sad sack routine

I'm kinda out of action with the flu. Upsides are the husky laugh and sudafed. Downsides are the hacking coughs, piles of phlegmy used tissues and cruelly dashed dreams of running a P-lab in the closet.

Fingers crossed I'm ok for Interpol tomorrow night.

Failing that I better be in good health to play the role of armcandy for the South Pacific Floral Wonder's highly anticipated return to our nation's capital this weekend. Cocktails at Ponderosa? Hell yes! Dancing at Pound? Um... we'll see about that one.

Another entry on the Whore's ever-occupied social calendar is a dinner amongst friends at the White House. The mushroom veloute taster has me salivating already. I'll just have to work on convincing the kitchen to serve roast duck and waterchestnut soup the night we are there. Fearless Leader has informed me that I MUST bring a date. Any takers?

And on the consumer whoring front I am afraid I have little to report despite a Kirks sale on last week. I don't think I spent more than $20. Shameful. Well shame on Kirks at least. That said the Pollonaise Smoked Pork Loin was exceptional.

Not much of a redeeming feature though.